Happy Birthday, Eric Carle!

Here are some ways to celebrate the awesome writer and artist’s birthday.

Today’s Special
Celebrating Eric Carle’s Birthday

Adventure Book Club
50 Dangerous Things for Kids to Do

Democrat Talk
New York Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

Parenting Book Club
Go the F*** to Sleep

Fashion Gallery
Tell Clothing Company to Stop Sexing Up Little Girls

League of Religions Voters
MYOB, Sally Kern

Tell Congress: No More Antibiotics

…at least, not in the food we eat.

Turtles Forever
Save the Turtles of Cocos Island National Park

Sacramento Flowers
Corpse Flower: Not Another Tim Burton Movie

Farm Talk

Tell Congress: No More Antibiotics in Our Food

Educational Book Club
Wonderplay Too

Education Job Market
Librarians Being Cut Again

Progressive Voters League
Planned Parenthood Possibly Saved by Judge

Peace Report
Rape is Not Natural

Home Book Club
Handyman Club of America: Landscape Structures and Decks

How-To Book Club
Handyman Club of America: Tools & Techniques

Zombie Disease Related to Cocaine Use

The awful disease that’s causing people’s flesh to rot is being attributed to animal de-worming agents used to cut cocaine.

Hydrocodone Zone
Flesh-Eating Disease Likely Attributed to Cocaine

Tell Arkansas Paper to Apologize

Green Voters League
Step Out of the Box When You Buy

Chicago Sports Insider
The Lure of the Game

Living to Do
Do It Anyway

Poetry Talk
Mash Up Some Poetry with Magnets, Wordle

Pro-Choice Voters
Forced Sterilization in America

Things I Love Thursday

I am NOT loving these weeks that pass within a single breath, leaving me wondering where all the time went! But I AM loving…

reading Mockingjay out loud with my guy     Wood Sprite dubbing the cats’ thoughts out loud like little voice bubbles in comic books        going to the ball game with my family, and seeing an actual winning game!       free Six Flags tickets, books, Magic House coupons, and tons of other summer reading program fun       long phone conversations with far away friends        catching up on Supernatural       summer tea and lemonade      traffic bonuses! (Keep reading, folks, I appreciate it!)      fun stickers, like orange owls and sparkly skull-and-crossbones       free movies AND free popcorn at the theater!      paying off bills and getting the car taxes/licensing done; now if only we could keep everything on the plus side…       the cicadas are almost gone!       The Beyonders by Brandon Mull (I’m only a few chapters in); also having Septimus Heap: Darke on my shelf waiting to be read!      Mr. Sara’s new amazing garlic-and-balsamic vinaigrette, which can be used on anything        summer slushies       so many free summer activities, from the library to museums to craft store events      people getting together to help people in Joplin       contemplating new haircuts…      blaring Adele in the car       Wood Sprite’s new habit of decorating her room with anything from her artwork to receipts…        the fact that Blue is still alive after River captured her, took off with her, and tried to eat her! Connie and I were thankfully able to save the little mouse just in time!       making my guy a Father’s Day breakfast that he actually liked, prompting me to admit that I may not be as bad a cook as I profess to be…      Tuck’s clean, shiny tank–which she seems to be getting to big for      casting people for Catching Fire; so far we like Natalie Portman for Johanna Mason and Jensen Ackles for Finnick Odair       Wood Sprite’s bookworm-dom, which now rivals my own (almost)      continually anticipating next year’s huge fairy tale movie lineup AND fairy tale TV shows       our amazing IDEA water containers, which are coming in handy every day this summer      gorgeous 60s and 70s weather in the mornings

Book Reviews and Commercials

I absolutely love this new insurance commercial, but do guys feel offended by it?

Car Show
State Farm’s Commercial: Hilarious or Hurtful?

Parenting Report
Parents, Listen to That Intuition

Craft World
Go Yarn Bombing

Fun Report
Garfield Goes to Waist

The Thinner Me
Weight Comments Aren’t Compliments

Romantic Report
The Sex Devotional

Romance Book Club
1001 Sexcapades to Do if You Dare

Campus Report
College Students Are Addicted to Media

Educational Book Club
Training Wheels for Teachers

Pagan Journey
Wicca A to Z

Women Dying Faster Than Previous Generations in US

…which is not a very comforting thought, is it?

Female Talk
US Women are Dying Out Faster

Healthy and Hale
Bon Jovi Says Pay What You Can

Morpheme Addict
Another Language to Die Out Soon

Pet in the Pocket
Simple Mouse Care Tips

Turtle City
Keep Turtles Wild

Turtles Forever
Women Arrested for Capturing Wild Turtles

Weird Animal Report
Sheep Gives Birth to a Dog

Whale City
Summer is the Season for Whale Watching

Should People Who Smoke Be Denied Employment?

SSM Health Care seems to think so.

Healthcare Job Market
Smoke? No Job for You

Romantic Talk
Snuggle and Get Romantic This Summer

360 Blog
Take Action Today: Quick Eco Actions

New Baby Gifts
Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Stop Sending Your Ads to My Inbox

Restaurant Job Market
Bambinos of Arnold Closes for Good

Animal News

Animal Fest
New Dino Discovery

Animal Report
Save Animals From Abusive Zoo

Bird Talk
Care for Some Arsenic in that Chicken?

Cat Talk
Ask Congress to Stand Up For Cougars and Other Wildlife

Dog Report
Are You a Dog Fetishist?

Bulldog Talk
32 Bulldogs Rescued From Dog Fighting Ring

Dalmatian Talk
New Dalmatian for WV Fire Department