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Things I Love Thursday

Is it Thursday already? I have no idea where this week went, but it’s flying by and I haven’t even had a chance to do any journaling. Some things I love this week include…

Indy making it to work and back safely in sleet again

gentle reminders that my worth isn’t associated with how much money I make

Indy getting me juice boxes and fruit snacks to make me feel better

The Mandalorian

rain sounds, which I can’t sleep without


seeing my family last weekend during game night and laughing SO hard. Boy did we all need that.

canceled plans and snow days

when my memory works

my body not letting me not sleep anymore. I’m pretty grateful for this, even if it still makes me feel guilty.

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

The last week has been… a week. If I were a bear, I’d definitely be hibernating right now, even though fall and winter are my jam. Maybe especially because they are my jam, since it doesn’t feel like I was able to really enjoy them and winter is nearly over. I saw a picture of a 500-pound bear yesterday and thought YESSS… maybe I don’t want to come back as a seal after all.

I’m currently…

wishing my office heater had a little more umph

catching my breath after worrying about Indy driving home in mess. It took him half an hour longer than usual but he made it.

laid off and simultaneously looking at opportunities while stepping back to really see what I want–and to attempt to create a life I actually enjoy, with sufficient self-care and joy. I keep re-learning this same damn lesson over and over and every time I listen, leave the things that don’t bring me joy behind and start to get better, I let them pile up on my plate yet again

trying to read more and not managing to do so. I reserved a ton of books for this week, knowing it was coming, but I was already fighting so hard to fit everything in that it all just spread out and kind of just filled the space like a Symbiote. I did manage to wash my face before going to bed, which was miraculous (and felt really nice, as did actually “going to bed” and not just collapsing because my body refused to do more for the day).

feeling too drained to take part in cosmic wonder, which is such a shame. At this time last year, it was a common highlight of my month.

listening to folks lecture me (and my kiddo) about our experiences, which they haven’t experienced, which is always super fun

guzzling so much water. Cutting back on coffee and drinking more water is so good for me–and so bad for my mood. Especially while Zuul is here.

trying to say no more often, especially to big time sucks

catching up on classes oh so slowly

teaching classes way beyond me–in this case, blood spatter involving trigonometry, which I haven’t done in 14 years. Yes, that’s how important my Alg II/Trig class was in my life. Sorry, Mr. H! I still enjoyed it just because you were a great teacher.

navigating All The Teen Things, and All The Teen’s Future Things and sometimes feeling so overwhelmed I might just burst

feeling a little done with the pets I’m fostering. They are lovely, but their enclosure is the worst to clean, and they’re not potty-trained, which is exhausting. I’ve never had pets like these want to use the corners of my living room as a toilet so much.

watching Ghostbusters: Afterlife and having mixed feelings. It was a beautiful movie but it didn’t feel like a Ghostbusters movie like the previous three (yes, three) did. It felt more like a love letter to the franchise combined with an epilogue. It wasn’t nearly as goofy or scary, but it sure was beautiful and made me cry. I loved it. And I LOVED Venkman finally getting called out for some of his terrible behavior–by Dana, no less.

feeling uneasy about so much. The world. Existing. Being vulnerable and sharing anything personal, with anyone. Ever.

starting The Mandalorian with Indy. I’m tired of not seeing any of these shows folks rave about, especially as the mega fans that we are, just because we have no time. We’re trying to work one in at a time.

really missing Sky and Noke, and honestly just having a close cat. I love all of my cats (and dogs) dearly but it’s been years since Sky died and I don’t know if I’ll ever be that close to a pet again. I think her death marked the beginning of The Big Adult Suck for me.

Hows’s your week going?