Nature Poems

My 11th grade English teacher called them “po-eems” and I still think that every time I see the word. He was a cool guy.

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Things I Love Thursday

I’m also loving it when we see visitors at our 4-H butterfly garden!

This week, I’m loving…

Our Halloween book lineup! I’m so excited to start The Night Gardener next week.

Visiting the Ohio River Fossil Bed and the Louisville Jack O’Lantern Spectacular! We only have two weeks before we leave and I’m bouncing up and down already.

Ride sharing. I’m so thankful that one of my best friends, M, is swapping rides with us to get our kids to their weekly Monday classes. They’re taking Healthy Sexuality with Planned Parenthood but it’s a bit of a drive and some classes are on Indy’s work days, so it’s been so helpful to carpool! My dad’s also getting us to co-op this week and I’m so grateful for his help.

Mini dates with Indy. Now that Wood Sprite is older, she’s been exploring some independent time at home while we make a run for chicken feed or run other errands. It’s weird but nice.

Teen events! These mean more fun for Wood Sprite and more dates for us, but wow do I wish I could attend some of these. Next up she has a Harry Potter lock-in and I’m gillyweed green with envy.

31 Days of Costumes! We’ve got them all lined up, as usual, and while I’m not going to stress if we don’t do every single day, we’ll definitely do our best.

Wood Sprite’s humor. Everything is punny or ironic to my almost-teen and I love this age more than I could have ever guessed I would.

Fun times with friends and family. After two mom’s nights and a night with my sisters and mom last week, I have seen most of the people I love in a seven-day period, which must be a record.

Chai tea with turmeric

Halloween decorating! It’s only a few days away…

Discussions about ancient Rome, use of plastic straws, judicial appointments and etymology with Wood Sprite. She’s definitely entering more complex thinking mode as she ages and it’s been both a relief and a curse: I love that the black-and-white thinking is on its way out, and everything has to be a debate, from the spelling of xenophobia to what breaking laws truly means!

The short story collection Nights of the Living Dead

Lovely fall weather!

New opportunities… fingers crossed!

My latest Changeling book. It’s my favorite but I always say that.

What are you loving this week?

Solo is on Sale!

No, you won’t see these two in Solo, but you’ll definitely be introduced to the Millennium Falcon!

Miss seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters? It’s on sale now! Check it out at eShopper Forum along with some other new posts I’ve written this week.

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The Tuesday Currents

My best friend took this pic of mushrooms in my yard. They keep growing in adorable fairy rings, perfect for Renaissance Festival weekend.

I’m currently…

Funneling cats off my desk and onto the floor. Gently. They all want to cuddle while I’m writing.

Checking out our photos from the St. Louis Renaissance Festival. We had a blast and Wood Sprite’s ready to go again already! Her favorites? The fire-eater and the costumes (she found one that looked just like Newt Scamander’s clothing). I think we all loved the costumes, and Indy really enjoyed the jousting. The music was probably my favorite.

Washing every scrap in the house. Sheets, blankets, my backed-up laundry pile, you name it… it’s time to freshen up for fall snuggling!

Typing my fingers off to meet deadlines before going to City Museum and co-op this week.

Drinking my favorite cold brew tea… and realizing I’m almost out.

Contemplating the St. Louis Film Festival. There are so many cool submissions and we need to narrow down what we want to see most!

What are you up to this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

Nursing a sick kiddo who is NOT happy about missing two classes today (Mastodon Historic Site and a Minecraft class, both with friends)! She’s got a small fever, though, so it’s a no-go.

Writing furiously, rapidly, rabidly

Enjoying two mom nights with friends and a movie with my sisters and mom. Apparently I can still get milk-drunk at 35.

Watering the 4-H butterfly garden

Finished Feed and started Nights of the Living Dead. Yeah, I might as well start decorating for Halloween already…

Prepping for Teen Night

Punching Aunt Flo in the face with peanut butter.

Still in awe of the Muny exhibit at the History Museum yesterday! We had a full day between a Planned Parenthood sex ed class, a trip to a soap shop, some errands, lunch with friends and homeschool day at the museum, so we almost didn’t make it but we’re so glad we did. It was so cool Wood Sprite and I both cried.

Drinking ginger root beer Zevia

What are you up to?

Things I Love Thursday

Today I’m loving…

Wood Sprite’s awesome report at the orthodontist

Seeing Evita! It was gorgeous.

Seeing it with an old friend! Even better.

Time to chat with friends!

Rides from multiple friends after Indy was given surprise overtime (he’s covering for work coming in from another warehouse closed due to the hurricane this week).

Amazing LARP events set up by incredible parents.

My yummy tea.

What are you loving this week?