EMS & Bike to Work Week

Medical Job Market
EMS Week

Bicycle Report
Bike to Work Week

Children’s Book Club
Free Books Online for Kids

God Report
10 Ways the Catholic Church is Like Monsters, Incorporated

Creative Copy Challenge
Challenge 35, regarding drunkards in bars
Challenge 45, regarding drunkards OUT of bars!


Stop Animal Testing at ASU

Boy, Arizona State is being boycotted for a number of things lately…

Pet in the Pocket
Tell ASU to Stop Testing on Animals

Farm Talk
Put an End to Cruel Mulesing

Movie Center
The Grand Finale of the Shrek Franchise

Car Show
Celebrate Transportation Week

Female Talk
The Strength of a Woman
The Strength of a Woman, Part II
The Strength of a Woman, Part III

Memorial Day Activities & More

Monday is Memorial Day. To celebrate and remember what the holiday is truly about (other thank backyard cookouts and days off), here is a list of activities you might want to enjoy.

Today’s Special
Monday is Memorial Day

Dog Report
Dog Bite Prevention Week

Whale City
Most Adorable Anti-Whaling Video Ever

IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America
Seeing Through the Public Paradigm

Creative Copy Challenge
Challenge 44, on young love

Old Friends and New Friends

Today’s Special
Old Friends, New Friends Week

Single Women Talk
Whenever, Wherever: Emphasized Femininity
Emphasized Femininity, Part II

Pagan Journey
Some Spiritual Consciousness

Healthy Recovery
Don’t Turn Away From Those Who Need Help the Most

That Gay Blog
Let LGBT People Adopt!


My husband calls it “Lamebook.” The husband of a friend of mine calls it “Bitchbook.” I’ve recently decided that, if anything, Facebook could be called “Hatebook.”

Hate groups are sprouting up on the site like dandelions, and it’s making me want to visit the site less and less. Several friends have left the site already; if not for a few benefits of the site, I would be packing my bags by now, too.

Peace Report
Hope in Times of Great Hate

Animal Report
Save the Asiatic Black Bear From Bile Farming

Seafood Talk
Save the Sea Lions