New Short Story Featured in Blink|Ink

My short story “Candy Butcher” is available in the latest issue of Blink|Ink! You can subscribe for a year of Blink|Ink for only $5 and get this quarterly mini magazine (and its awesome art) as well as the rest of the issues for the year for this low price here.


Daily Deals

Come on over to the eShopper Forum where I’ll be posting lots of daily deals each week! Here are this past week’s deals. Feel free to send any deals you run across my way!

eShopper Forum
Outback Steakhouse: 3-Course Dinner Deal for $11.99
Meat Specials at Dierbergs This Week
Free Ice Cream at Haagen Dazs
Free Teleclasses in May
Brueggers: Free Beverage
Carl’s Jr: Free Fries or Drink
ABC Mouse: Upgrade for a 45% Discount
Sweet Tomatoes: 99-Cent Kids’ Meals
AzureGreen: 25% Off Herbal Teas and Other Supplies

Paranormalcy, Matched…

There’s definitely no shortage of fantasy lit these days!

San Antonio Book Club

San Diego Book Club
Matched Review

Progressive Voters League
Minimum Wage for All Abilities

League of Blue State Voters
Prison Reform via Kittens

Male Talk
Male Birth Control for All

Doomsday Shelter in Kansas

It sounds like a bad science fiction novel, but apparently it’s a true story…

Capitalist Voters League
Average Paid Americans to Be Left Behind

Toxic Waste Cloud
The Customer is Always Right

Blame Gamer
Jeff Foxworthy Proves That We Don’t Need School

League of Sexual Orientation Choice Voters
Missouri Joins the Don’t Say Gay Club

League of Choice Voters
Join the Harass the Anti-Choicers Club!

NAPOMO Activities, Part 2

Write some bad poetry on purpose, or try a new style.

Affordable Writers
More NAPOMO Activities

Catholic Voters League
Little Nun God-Bride Girls

League of Parental Consent Voters
Risky Games Your Kids Could Be Playing

Pro-Choice Voters
Your Pathetic Disclaimers Aren’t Enough for Me

Gay Voters
Fourteen-Year-Old Commits Suicide

A Mighty Girl

Check out these amazing awesome books and movies featuring strong female roles!

Mom Love Entertainment
A Mighty Girl

Politic Bites
Use Those Funds Raised, Fellas

Portland Book Club
Firebird Soaring

St. Louis Music
Start One Instrument at a Time

League of Right Wing Voters
Romney’s Wife Just As Out of Touch As Mitt

The Kid Should See This

Really, he or she should–and so should you! This isn’t one of those shaming shoulds, either, like you should eat more fiber or you should get your taxes done earlier next year; this is an excited, daily fun should!

Kids Center
The Kid Should See This

Long Beach Single
How Personal Do You Get on a First Date?

Science Report
Spoiled by the Weather Channel

CT Repeals the Death Penalty

League of Capitalist Voters
Connecticut Repeals Death Penalty

League of Civil Rights Voters
Big Brother is Watching You

Alabama Single
Upcoming Date Movies

Walt Disney Talk
Disney: From Princesses to Evil Fairies

League of Moms
Suck the Marrow Out of Life