Curricula to Crafts to Cutlasses (Pirate-Style)

Educational Book Club
Curricula to Support Global Consciousness

Craft World
Host a Fairy Party

Green Voters League
Help Strengthen the Clean Water Act

Legal Job Market
What Exactly is a Paralegal?

Children’s Book Club
Pirate Girl

Living To Do
Take the April Script Writing Challenge


Don’t Let the Door Hit You, March

For once, I’m glad to see that March is on its way out. It’s been a rough month for our family (though we’ve still been blessed in many ways), and we’re looking forward to a fresh month in April.

IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America
In Like a Lion

Female Talk
Say No to Rape as a Weapon
(Of course, I maintain that we say no to anything as a weapon, but that’s just me.)

Female Talk
The Primitive Stirrings of Motherhood

Parenting Report
The Joy of Taking Children to the Theater

Vote Yes on Prop A

Help the citizens of St. Louis travel to work (and elsewhere) each day by voting yes on Prop A next Tuesday. To find out more, please read below.

Transportation Job Market
Prop A to Effect St. Louis Transportation Jobs

Campus Report
Student Labor Action Week

Construction Job Market
If Jesus Were Alive, He’d Be Laid Off

Seafood Talk
Trader Joe’s Gets a Little Greener

Green Voters League
Help Protect Disappearing Coral

And here’s Creative Copy Challenge #27. I hope you’re enjoying these and planning to take part!

Job Markets; And April = Right Brain Projects Galore

Some posts for today…

Retail Job Market
Retail Jobs Up and Down Across the Country

Health Care Job Market
The Present and Future of Healthcare Jobs

And a new Creative Copy Challenge (I just love this site!):
Challenge 26

By the way, April is the month of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), Script Frenzy, and Karine’s April Art Challenge, all things that I really want to take part in… Not so sure it’s doable, but I’m going to give it a try!

I’ve also been keeping up with the monthly Creative Experiments at Daisy Yellow. Her ideas are just amazing! I highly recommend taking part, even if you only do a couple of challenges, because they will make your day richer and give your brain the novelty it craves.

Embrace Your Dark Side

That is, life without light! It’s amazing how many things we take for granted in modern life. How about we spend a little more time in the dark–and if not to save a little bit on our energy bills or for the environment, then for some perspective.

Living to Do
Spend Some Time in the Dark

Parenting Report
Alternative Ideas for Easter Baskets

Peace Report
March is American Red Cross Month

Party Games
Imaginiff: A Board Game That’s Anything But Boring

Easy on the Arsenic

It will probably fail to surprise anyone that there is arsenic in our apple juice; after all, we’ve known about the arsenic in our water for years. But it turns out that apple juice has far greater amounts than the average water sample–and the FDA could really care less.

Health Food Talk
Waiter, There’s Arsenic in My Apple Juice

Pagan Journey
Ostara Activities for Children and Families

Horror Book Club
Cirque Du Freak

TV World
United States of Tara Makes Light of Suicide

Spring Toe-Dragging

I’ve had such a slow output lately, even as I double my efforts! Many factors are at play, and while the fault is largely my own I would like to take this opportunity to instead blame my cat. After all, she continues to usurp the footstool beneath my desk, without which I cannot comfortably work. No, kitty, that’s a bad kitty!

Baltimore Job Market
Baltimore Cut Fewer Jobs in 2009

Vegetarian Talk
Caribbean Cruises: Stop Serving Foie Gras

The Green Voters League
Environmental Actions This Week

And a new Creative Copy Challenge is up! Come and play. 🙂
Challenge #25

Paint the Town!

Every time my daughter hears “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, she just has to dance. The same goes with a few other pop songs that were released within the last year or so. Part of me feels incredibly guilty about this; I had sworn I’d never subject her to pop music, especially songs with such awful, lame lyrics. But then, weren’t most of the oldies and classic rock songs I love today pop hits of their own time?

Anyhow, she thinks it’s fun, and maybe that’s the point.  And every time they sing, “Paint the town!” doesn’t it sound almost angry?  I always remark, “I’m so mad, I have to paint the town!” and my husband says, “Dammit, we just painted it, and we have to paint it again–eight days this week!”

Completely unrelated to this little dose of mirth, here are a few new posts.

IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America
Education Between Nations

El Paso Job Market
Economic Outlook in El Paso

Parenting Report
Toys That Jump, Bark, and Flip

And Creative Copy Challenge #24 is up! This site is so much fun; you just have to come and play.