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Blessing Bags & School-less Fridays

many worry over what’s at stake when schools can only operate four days a week, I think it could be the biggest blessing that many families receive this year.

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No Friday School for Schools in South Dakota

Hydrocodone Zone
Google: America’s Most Notorious Drug Dealer

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Make a Blessing Bag

Morpheme Addict
Word of the Week: Rubbernecker

Horror Book Club
Do We Really Need Another Movie That Glorifies Rape?

Easy on the Arsenic

It will probably fail to surprise anyone that there is arsenic in our apple juice; after all, we’ve known about the arsenic in our water for years. But it turns out that apple juice has far greater amounts than the average water sample–and the FDA could really care less.

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Waiter, There’s Arsenic in My Apple Juice

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Ostara Activities for Children and Families

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Cirque Du Freak

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United States of Tara Makes Light of Suicide

Books That Make You Think

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School Bans the Dictionary

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The Preschooler Calendar, Grades PreK-K
Should We Burn Babar?

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The Stephen King Universe

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Swim Naked, Defy Gravity

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10 Cheap Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained

Dangerous Books for Kids (And Their Parents)

What’s more fun than a Neil Gaiman picture book? … Nothing comes to mind.

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The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish
The Dangerous Alphabet

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Life is Short, Wear Your Party Pants
When You Need a Lift

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Poe’s Children

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