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This has been an exciting week full of inspiring people.

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Things I Love Thursday

Even though it’s so easy to list everything I love this week, specifically from yesterday, from Kamala Harris becoming our first woman VP to the thrill of seeing the Obamas again (how can that much regality be contained in one person, and by one person I of course mean Michelle Obama?) to that incredible performance by Amanda Gorman, I have to say that the day wasn’t pure joy.

I’d been up all night working, as had Indy, and Wood Sprite hadn’t slept much, either, but I didn’t feel safe enough to sleep. There was great relief but also great anxiety as we hoped no one would harm anyone today during that ceremony. I’ve never experienced an inauguration like that. I’ll never forget it. I’ll never stop fighting, doing the work to not make that our reality, to change this world where our Black and brown brothers and sisters experience that fear and anxiety on a daily basis.

There is still SO much to do, but at least now we have the chance of making it all happen. Like Gorman said, our country isn’t broken, it’s just unfinished.

Some things I’m loving this week include…

macaroons from our local bakery, even though I now feel sick after eating junk food to celebrate!

the organizers at Reparations Roundtable. If you’re ready to help work toward racial justice please sign up to participate in monthly giving to support Black organizers, femmes and families. Solidarity, not charity!

all of the wonderful speakers and performances yesterday. I cried during several of them.

What are you loving this week?

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