Awesome Source of Halloween Costume Ideas!

If you haven’t yet heard of Take Back Halloween, read more about it below at Fashion Gallery–especially if you’re still scrambling to create a costume for tonight!

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Forgo the Stripper Setup: Be a Female Icon for Halloween

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The Ozone Layer is Stable!

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Cholera in Haiti: How to Help

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Reverse Trick-or-Treating

Global Exchange has some great ideas about how to spread the word about fair trade chocolate this Halloween. Check them out below.

Chocolate Report
Do Some Reverse Trick-Or-Treating Tomorrow Night

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Free Willy For Real

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Ask Gymboree to Stop Child Labor

Today’s Special
November is Native American Heritage Month

Whale City
Despite Findings, We Still Treat Dolphins Like Toys

A Parent’s Perspective on Alternative Ed

I’m often asked about alternative methods of education. I’m certainly no expert; I only learned about traditional, public education in college, after all, and the rest of my knowledge comes from my own research and experience with my own child (as well as children I’ve tutored, babysat, homeschooled, etc.).

However, I do know enough to just introduce people to some of these methods (“Bill, meet Waldorf. Like you, he’s really into Robin Hood!”), so I decided to make a list of 10 different alternative methods of education that parents may be interested in. I hope the list inspires parents and teachers to look up more information on these different styles and philosophies.

IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America
A Parent’s Take on Alternative Education

If I Could Change the World…

Check out these amazing sites below and make a quick, easy difference in the world each week! It’s painless and free.

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Bidding Fablehaven Adieu

Now that I’ve finished the series, I feel like I’m in mourning. So there’s only one thing left to do–buy the books and read them again!

Adventure Book Club
Fablehaven Book 4: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

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Fablehaven 5: Keys to the Demon Prison

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The Homeschooling Disclaimer

Why is it that when I criticize education in America, much like when I criticize anything else, I feel like I have to do it with the following disclaimer?

All of my criticisms, by the way, are done lovingly, out of respect for this country and in desire to help improve it. (Another disclaimer!)

IDEA: The Institute for Democratic Education in America
The Homeschooling Disclaimer