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Speaking Up for Child Soldiers

Politics Report
Who is Joseph Kony?

Wyoming Single
Authentic St. Patrick’s Day Fare

New Hampshire Single
Great Spring Dates

League of Male Voters
I’ll Never Take My Arm for Granted Again

Charlotte Book Club
Bread, Bread, Bread by Ann Morris

Chicago Book Club
Susan B. Anthony

Upcoming Date Movies in March

See if there’s something playing for you and your date:

Portland Single
Upcoming Date Movies in March

Cooking Report
Worst Cooks in America is Embarrassing to Watch

Politic Bites
Can You Be Humane and a Horror Fan?

Rhode Island Single
Someone to Eat Cheese With

Politics Report
Bullying in Schools Will Never End

The Katniss Chronicles

If you can’t wait until next month for the Hunger Games movie, here’s a wonderful audio version to hold you over:

Piazza Talk
The Katniss Chronicles

League of School Voucher Voters
Teen Movie Dialogue is Eye-Roll Inducing

Phoenix Single
Weird News This Week

Politics Talk
Denying Global Warming is Fun!

Politics Report
Inmate Adds Pig to Police Cruiser Decal

Bachman’s “Homeschool Army” Doesn’t Represent All of Us

So please, if you would, stop maintaining that it does.

Bachmann Sucks
Michelle Bachmann’s Homeschool Army is Out to Get Us!

Freaky Phenomena
What’s the Big Deal About Inception?

Dance Talk
Glee Project: Cameron Must Go

New Baby Gifts
What Do You Miss Most About Pre-Parenthood?

360 Blog
July Love Drop

AA Talk
Drinking Alcohol Can Make it Harder to Lose Weight

Politics Report
Argentina Bans Sexual Ads

Political News

2012 Voters
GOP Debate Recap

Politics Report
AAUW Lobby Day

Tea Party Forums
Tea Party Candidates Hope to Win Hatch’s Seat

Tea Party Report
Freaky Tea Party Camp to Be Held in Florida

Republican Talk
Oppose Budget Cuts That Hurt Women and Families

Republican Voters League
Mitt Romney Jokes About Being Unemployed

Glade Products: Made with Gross Gunk

Ask them to take their nasty ingredients out below.

You Clean
Tell Glade to Quit Gagging Us

School Fest
You Want the Bus Driver to Put His Hands Where?

Politics Report
Getting Divorced? No Sex for You!

Vacation World
Visit Michigan. Or, You Know, Just Live Your Life

Living to Do
Make a Summer Bucket List

Movie Center
Do You Use the Bechdel Test?

God Report
Want to Play Around with Rapture Day?

Parenting Book Club
To Baby or Not to Baby?

Female Talk
Canada’s New Anti-Rape Campaign Puts Responsibility Where It Belongs

Film Industry Trivia
Something Borrowed is Another Mindless, Insulting Movie

Human Trafficking Law Passed in Georgia

Hey America, let’s all pass this legislation, shall we?

Politics Report
Georgia Passes Human Trafficking Law

Single Woman Talk
Terminology and Misogyny

Healthy Recovery
Porn Industry Targets Women with Anorexia

Parenting Report
Make it a Meaningful Mother’s Day

El Paso Flowers
West Texas Succulents Should Be Nursery Bought

Seafood Talk
Fisherman to Be Paid to Catch Trash

Jobs in America

Looking for leads? Here are a few in select major metropolitan areas.

St. Louis Job Market
New Restaurants Come to Arnold, Missouri

Los Angeles Job Market
Los Angeles Jobs

Fort Worth Job Market
Fort Worth Leading the Country in New Jobs

Politics Report
Russia to Up Gas Export Duty to 44%

Fresno Flowers
Fresno Bees Go MIA

Hot in the US
Don’t Give Out Those Passwords

Jazz Music Club
Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month

A Plethora of Politics

From oil drilling to Obama’s birth certificate to male circumcision, there are plenty of hot issues going on today.

Tea Party Report
Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate Released

Democrat Talk
Dems Shoot Down Bargaining Rights in Massachusetts

Politics Report
Connecticut Senate to Vote on Death Penalty Repeal

Republican Talk
GOP Using Jim Crow Schemes in Florida

Tea Party Forums
We Need a Counter Tea Party

Pro-Choice Voters
Kansas to Strip Planned Parenthood of Funding

Republican Voters League
Trump’s Latest Conspiracy Theory: “Obama Was a Bad Student”

Capitalist Voters
Flash Mob Tells Bank of America to Pay Their Taxes

Male Voters League
Should Male Circumcision Be Banned?

Green Voters League
Environmental Cheers and Jeers This Week

Religious Voters
Are Voters Ready for a Mormon President?

Win a Pokemon Game for Nintendo DS

Science Report
Mothballs: A Danger to Babies

Facebook Meeting with Obama

Sign up here.

Politics Report
Facebook Town Hall Meeting with Obama Today

Pop Music Club
Song of the Day: Rolling in the Deep

Parenting Report
50+ Ways to Fill an Easter Basket

Science Book Club
Charlie’s Playhouse

Air Force Talk
Vet Jailed for Being Paranoid

Education Job Market
Texas Schools Demote Librarians to Save Money

Charlotte Job Market
Hundreds of New Jobs in North Carolina