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So Many Violent Pitbulls, So Many Violent People

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Stephen King Writing Sequel to The Shining

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Weather-proofing Your Kid

League of Fair Trade Voters
Stand Against Land Grabs


How to Watch Free Movies

There are plenty of legal ways to see free movies while you’re living on the cheap.

Cheapin’ Out
Free Ways to Watch Movies

Washington DC Job Market
Campus Progress Hiring Development Manager

League of Female Voters
Beskirtted Women, Beware of Rapist!

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Hollywood, Stop Making Movies About Non-Characters

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Take Action for Our National Parks

Don’t Want to Do Time? Go to Church Instead

This judge’s punishment system looks promising! Headdesk.

Church and State Voters
Don’t Want to Do the Time? Go to Church Instead

Fantasy Book Club
Secret Circle is a Big, Fat Fail

Internet Chronicle
PETA, Porn Doesn’t Help Your Cause

Letter to the Media
Hey Families, Get a DVR So You’ll Never Have to Talk Again!

things I love Thursday

It has been another really rough week. Between illness, finances, techy issues, and some really awful issues much bigger than me and my world, it’s been an emotional funhouse. But then my cousin reminded me–without even trying!–how lucky I really am, and how far we’ve come as a family–particularly my former preemie daughter who is thriving and more awesome than I could ever imagine.

This week, I love…

fall shirts and long sleeves¬† *¬† Halloween decorations starting to pop up¬† *¬† making ice cubes with food coloring and painting with them outside with our toes¬† *¬† Wood Sprite playing “scientist researcher” in the bathroom and creating “cures” with cups, spoons, sprinkles, water, and “plants,” or green construction paper bits¬† *¬† nostalgic childhood cough drops¬† *¬† my amazing sister helping me out AND leaving candy; she is the best!¬† *¬† Mr. Sara heading out on-foot to search for jobs and his can-do attitude (fingers crossed; he has another interview on Monday!)¬† *¬† our awesome free trial at Blockbuster; we’ve seen five movies for free so far¬† *¬† NYQUIL. It is my current best friend¬† *¬† So is Dayquil and Mucinex, by the way¬† *¬† being able to work from home while sick; at least I can toss my tissues around and not have to wear shoes, yo¬† *¬† the soft, worn patches on my old pants; they may be holey, but they are mine, and it feels almost like petting a cat when I rub my knee¬† *¬† Wood Sprite’s cool rhythm sticks from Kindermusik (now she wants “a drum set with a guitar and speakers and a microphone” for her birthday!)¬† *¬† how positive and funny Wood Sprite is, even when Mommy sure isn’t¬† *¬† doodling Hunger Games characters in the bathroom¬† *¬† re-reading bits of The Secret Circle, though I can’t seem to find the third book (though the show royally sucked; I’m not going to sit through one more episode)¬† *¬† watching Loop Scoops with WS¬† *¬† making the most out of canceled field trips and play dates with our imaginations (and a Kleenex box catapult)¬† *¬† hot tea with lots and lots and lots of honey (I’ve gone through three boxes this week; I’ve been sick since Friday!)¬† *¬† Arnold Days! It was so much fun taking WS to her first carnival and to watch her enjoy the rides with wild abandon¬† *¬† Glee and Modern Family are back!¬† *¬† knowing that no matter how many injustices occur in our world, there are thousands of us–millions of us–who care and who will always demand better

Lady Gaga Wants to Outlaw Bullying

The pop sensation continues her amazing crusade to stop bullying.

Peace Report
Lady Gaga’s Mission: Outlaw Bullying

Xbox Horde
Addicted to Gaming? Maybe He’ll Be a Medical Hero

Great News Blog
West Hollywood Bans Fur

Farm Voters
Want to Ward Off Sickness? Tell Big Farms to Stop Using Antibiotics

Farm Subsidy Voters
UK Bans Farm Ad for Misleading Content

Support the Human Trafficking Bill

Please make the call today!

360 Blog
Support the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act

Turtles Forever
4,600 Sea Turtles Killed Every Year in US Hatcheries

Female Report
“Girls” is Not a Derogatory Term

Anti-Nuclear Voters League
No Nukes? Tell the White House to Stop Nuke Subsidies

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Disney Really IS Toxic