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Catching Fire Casting News

Plutarch Heavensbee and Johanna Mason are…

Washington Book Club
Catching Fire: Introducing Johanna and Plutarch!

League of Farm Subsidy Voters
Make the World a Better Place

Great Buy
Free Meals for Kids

Fun Report
Ronald McDonald’s Magic Show

Mom Loves Fun
St. Louis Science Center

Mom Loves Entertainment
Powder Valley Nature Center

I also have a new contest poem up at AllPoetry called “Morning After.”

Halloween Adventures, Costumes & Pranks

Freaky Phenomena
Have a Real Halloween Adventure This Year

Fashion Gallery
10 Free Costumes Using Your All-Black Outfit

Fun Report
Start Planning Your Halloween Practical Jokes

Grocery Talk
Use STL Mommy for All of Your Couponing Needs

League of National Park Voters
Take Action for Our National Parks

Book Reviews and Commercials

I absolutely love this new insurance commercial, but do guys feel offended by it?

Car Show
State Farm’s Commercial: Hilarious or Hurtful?

Parenting Report
Parents, Listen to That Intuition

Craft World
Go Yarn Bombing

Fun Report
Garfield Goes to Waist

The Thinner Me
Weight Comments Aren’t Compliments

Romantic Report
The Sex Devotional

Romance Book Club
1001 Sexcapades to Do if You Dare

Campus Report
College Students Are Addicted to Media

Educational Book Club
Training Wheels for Teachers

Pagan Journey
Wicca A to Z

13 Ways Cicadas are Like Men

This is just a joke, guys! It’s actually a product of some goofy thoughts my best friend and I had the other day.

Single Women Talk
13 Ways Men are Like Cicadas

X-Men: First Class Takes Us Back Full Circle

Pet in the Pocket
Rats on the Runway

Fun Report
Best Prank Ever, or Most Scarred Kid for Life?

Adventure Book Club
YA Saves

Parenting Report
How Do You Know She’s Learning?

Go. See. Bridesmaids.

Funniest movie I’ve seen in years. In fact, it might be the funniest movie I’ve ever seen.

Fun Report
Bridesmaids is a Must See for Pretty Much Everyone

Movie Center
Rio is a Bland, Half-Hearted Laugh

Beauty World
Beauty Challenge: Go Makeup Free

Accounting Job Market
Accounting Jobs High in Demand

Albuquerque Job Market
Albuquerque Job Fair Today

Atlanta Job Market
Georgia Unemployment Rate Down to Under 10%

Austin Job Market
Computer Jobs Pay Well in Austin