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Things I Love Thursday

It’s been months since I’ve written a Things I Love Thursday post. It’s not that there aren’t things I love on Thursdays anymore; I just haven’t thought to write them down! I’ve been doing a lot of paper journaling and promoting my book instead. So here are a few things I’m loving this week.

The Secret World of Arietty. “My heart is strong now because you’re in it.” So lovely! We saw it in theaters but we’ve been watching it again lately. * Wood Sprite’s winter drawings and Lego creations. They are so inspiring. * Watching WS in her holiday play and singing performance. She’s quite a performer! * Reading Fablehaven aloud with my family. * Seeing movies in theaters! We haven’t seen any since–well, probably Arietty–and we were able to see two last week because of the canned food drive. We saw Wreck It Ralph and The Rise of the Guardians. Both were wonderful films, but the latter was the best. * Preparing for our own winter solstice celebration, just the three of us! I can’t wait! * Making origami ornaments. * Celebrating our birthdays, three months in a row. * Apple cider. * WS’s new interest in gems. * New possibilities, beginnings, and a brand new planner for 2013!

Things I Love Thursday

During the tough weeks, I think it’s even more important to acknowledge what we are grateful for and what we love. I put most of these things in my journal as I still think the private matters of the heart should be kept private and not tweeted or texted for all to know; even so, here are a few beautiful things in my life this week.

Clarity. Courage. Rebirth from sorrow. Release. Taking giant steps toward progress and change and embracing the fear. Scheduling my first Al-Anon meeting, something I previously even refused to acknowledge. A cathartic evening with my best friend; cathartic cries with my husband. The moment you realize the time is now. The most moving Morning Pages I’ve ever written and the vows I took within them. Rosie Molinary’s Shine, which may have been a catalyst for many of these things. My loving and supportive tribe, my group of homeschooling mothers. Dipping into Pema Chodron’s When Things Fall Apart, a gift from a friend, and shifting so much even after small bites of its wisdom.

Things I Love Thursday

I love hearing the thunder outside… Now, how about some rain?

This week I am also loving…
* classic movies with Wood Sprite (tonight was Mary Poppins) * our trip to the Science Center last weekend, which was a blast; the teacher was pretty awesome AND we shared the same first name; the woman could have rocked Mythbusters for sure * Getting my work done early and having the chance to do some reading * a wonderful field trip to Bounce U, even if only two families made it * making Medusa masks at the library with Wood Sprite * scavenger hunts * cool summer tea drinks * last week’s magic show, Powder Valley trip, and other free summer goodies * Laura Grace Weldon’s Free Range Learning * Playdates with friends * having protection from the elements and clean, cool water; we really are among the luckiest people on earth * learning about a new (to us) co-op * drawing polka-dot cows surrounded by falling fried eggs from the sky with WS

Things I Love Thursday

I am NOT loving summer ants (we just got rid of them two months ago!) but I am loving…

*   lovely family days spent at Monkey Joe’s and just hanging out around the house   *   the beautiful boredom brought on by this heat wave, inspiring us to do some pretty amazing art projects and to just ~be~ with one another   *   summer reading   *   nachos and sno-cones    *    hour-long telephone calls with favorite people   *   Roots of She mini course   *    wonderful co-op classes with homeschool friends   *    spontaneity   *   Eddie Vedder’s “Rise”   *   playdates with best friends   *   Brave!!! And Brave stickers! I love the heck out of this movie and cannot wait to buy it. It’s what we have been waiting for!   *   visits with family & friends   *   Vacation mentality! We are not on vacation (and haven’t taken one in about four years) but it almost feels like it since it’s so hot and life is so slow this week. Even though some moments are tense with cabin fever, I really do love it.

Things I Love Thursday

This was one of those in like a lamb, out like a lion weeks. I’m not sure what happened, but by today I was nearing a real, full fit. I think I could really use a change of scenery. We haven’t taken a vacation in about four years, and though we’ve never really taken anything other than a “staycation,” I think it’s taking its toll. I’m also not feeling great again, which may simply be a symptom of that.

Even so, as usual there were plenty of things to love about this week, such as…

+   A most excellent park day with cool but nonetheless enjoyable weather

+   A nice visit with my mother

+   A wonderful early anniversary date, complete with a real dinner and movie!

+   Being with my love for 17 years now (more than half of our lives!)

+   Catching up with old friends

+   Seeing Serengeti Steve at the library, which is always awesome

+   Getting my crowns!

+   Worm races at the library, which were soooo much fun

+   Fun co-op classes on Tuesday, followed by a fun bat program at the library on Wednesday

+   Wood Sprite loves her gymnastics class for the summer

Things I Love Thursday

The thing I am loving most right now is feeling BETTER! Yay! It’s such a relief. You really forget how happy and good it feels to be healthy when you are ill for a long time. I’m also loving…

A surprise birthday party for my aunt, which I wish I’d known about sooner (and been well for!) so I could have brought homemade treats or something. Still, it was so good to see her. I miss game nights during our summer hiatus! ~ Getting ahead at work early this week (only to get behind by now!) ~ A wonderful origami class and visit with other homeschool moms; we had SUCH a good time and the kids made some amazing art! ~ Being able to take my family out to dinner. We couldn’t really afford the splurge, but it’s been a long time and it was really nice. ~ Wood Sprite’s horse lesson (except for her getting BITTEN on accident while feeding a horse, which scared me senseless! I am so grateful that it is healing well.) ~ Visiting with my mom ~ Making fingerprint art today at the library with another fun homeschool family ~ A wonderful playdate with our BFFs, whom we haven’t seen since they left for vacation ~ Scheduling a date day for this weekend!

Things I Love Thursday

Some things I love this week:

~   Getting my crowns made. Check! So glad that’s over!   ~   An awesome bread making class (and new friends!) with our homeschool group   ~   Wood Sprite wanting to come home from Grandma’s–not that she wanted to come home or that she wasn’t feeling well, but because she wanted mommy again   ~   scavenger hunts and other cool activities at the library   ~   the new half-gallons of iced coffee sold at Target!   ~   two of the cats’ new tendencies to lap snuggle   ~   series finales for the season   ~

Things I Love Thursday

Tuesday and Wednesday I was pretty sick–the worst throwing up I’ve had in years on Wednesday!–and I was still a bit queasy on Thursday. Feeling well enough to post about a few things I love, though, which include…

~A super productive Monday, from writing to phone calls, paperwork to organizing
~A husband who’s willing to baby me and get me Gatorade when I’m sick
~Story time at the library (plus free ice cream from the library’s trivia activity for Wood Sprite)
~Successful homeschool field trips (and Daddy willing to take Sprite even when Mommy was sick)
~Fitbrains.com I am addicted!
~Another successful Art Club class with our homeschool group (even if I was really nervous about teaching it!)
~Gorgeous, gorgeous spring weather
~Getting my copy of Blink Ink #11 in the mail, featuring flash fiction by yours truly!
~An awesome sleepover with WS’s BFF on Saturday. We dissected (fake) owl pellets, made clay ladybugs and dragons, made foam butterflies, made rice krispy treats, had a silly string fight, had a fashion show/dance, went outside to moon-gaze at the supermoon, read a bunch of books, stayed up past 2 AM–all without television. 🙂

Things I love Thursday

I haven’t written one of these in so long that I can’t remember how I started them. Oh well! Here are some things I am loving this week.

Journaling! I haven’t done it in a long time, and when I won the library’s poetry contest I decided to buy myself a pretty journal with my gift card. I also bought the first Sisters Grimm book; I’ve read all but the last one and I’d like to start collecting them for Wood Sprite to read.

Spending the day with my parents on Tuesday; need to do this way more often, preferably with my sisters there, too.

Wonderful family game day with lots of friends, family, and food, of course! Tooth medicine was making me feel sick but otherwise it was really fun.

Getting those root canals done! My teeth are feeling so much better now and I am so grateful that most of it’s over.

Our amazing garden! We’ve harvested lettuce and some strawberries already; Wood Sprite keeps eating all of my mint, too, even though she hates it in toothpaste.

Sprite’s new doctor is really nice and thorough, and he talked TO her as well as us, which I really appreciated.

Sprite’s vision is stable and pretty much the same, warranting only an annual visit with her ophthalmologist! So much to be grateful for. I remember back when we had weekly doctor/therapy/hospital visits during her preemiehood; it was years yet it seems so long ago. She’s come so far and we are just so blessed to have her.

Sprite won Honorable Mention and Third Place in her age group during the homeschool art fair!

Having a clean house, even if only for a day.

My wonderful husband who’s been babying me to the best of his ability through these dental dilemmas. My amazing parents, who took Sage while I had the root canals done and who made it all happen in the first place.

Cuddling with WS and watching David the Gnome online; I wish more of today’s children’s shows were this warm and gentle.

My BFF graduating from Nursing school this weekend! I am SO proud of you, A!

Winning trophies at AllPoetry, which is always fun. Why did I stop writing there again? Oh yes, that no-time thing.

Great playgroup days; I wish we could make more of them!

Doing daily art and writing challenges with Wood Sprite, which just adds so much dimension to already-enjoyable activities; for a “dreamscape” challenge, for example, she drew Aslan on a ship.

Fun summer plans brewing with the homeschool group (like kids’ theater and fundraisers for Heifer Foundation and Alex’s Lemonade Stand), as well as our own Not Bummer Summer project!

4-H Day with the Cardinals coming up! WS is pretty stoked about walking on the field.


My husband’s work discount, which allows me to buy more PEARS.

Things I Love Thursday

Guess who is sick again? Can you believe it? Ugh! It’s this crazy weather, which is making my allergies go psycho. If only it could stay warm or cold for the entire winter (preferably cold, since it’s, like, winter)! I guess I just need to leave the humidifier out all year long. Right now I’m breathing through one nostril and nursing a sore throat. On top of that, we need a new tire and a new car battery. Hooray! So much for Friday’s date night.

Still, you gotta be grateful for what you have, even if you’re not feeling great in the first place. So here are a few things I am really loving this week:

~ Coupons that get rid of movie store late charges ~ cats sleeping on my knees and back sympathetically, even as I cough and jostle them ~ having Nyquil to help me rest ~ shedding five pounds since February 1 (perhaps more); I’m not on a weight loss journey so much as just trying to get healthy and comfortable ~ the kindness of strangers, especially the one who helped us get our car going when we were stranded yesterday–thank you! ~ The library! Not a week goes by without me being thankful for it. I swear, even if you want to use a curriculum while you homeschool, you can still do it for free. ~ Gay marriage in seven states! Oh yeah! Let’s make Missouri next! ~ fruity water and unsweetened tea ~ my husband texting me stupid pictures of products I will openly mock (and possibly blog about) from work ~ brief but muchly needed complaint sessions with my BFF ~ Seeing The Woman in Black with a gaggle of friends Wednesday (even if ticket prices suddenly went up without notice) and laughing uncontrollably with my sisters, sister-in-law, my sister’s mother-in-law, and my cousin. So much fun! ~ Pinterest garden photos; oh boy, do I want to get started with one of these! ~ singing karaoke over last weekend with my family ~ a glorious family Sunday, during which we made crafts and tents, sang, read, made valentines, and pretty much ignored the Super Bowl 😉