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Halloween Adventures, Costumes & Pranks

Freaky Phenomena
Have a Real Halloween Adventure This Year

Fashion Gallery
10 Free Costumes Using Your All-Black Outfit

Fun Report
Start Planning Your Halloween Practical Jokes

Grocery Talk
Use STL Mommy for All of Your Couponing Needs

League of National Park Voters
Take Action for Our National Parks

Bachman’s “Homeschool Army” Doesn’t Represent All of Us

So please, if you would, stop maintaining that it does.

Bachmann Sucks
Michelle Bachmann’s Homeschool Army is Out to Get Us!

Freaky Phenomena
What’s the Big Deal About Inception?

Dance Talk
Glee Project: Cameron Must Go

New Baby Gifts
What Do You Miss Most About Pre-Parenthood?

360 Blog
July Love Drop

AA Talk
Drinking Alcohol Can Make it Harder to Lose Weight

Politics Report
Argentina Bans Sexual Ads

Dignity From Obama; The Opposite From Bachmann

But what else is new?

Air Force Talk
President Obama Sends Letters of Condolences to ALL Military Families

Bachmann Sucks
Michelle Bachmann is Against Gay Marriage, But Looooves Slavery!

School Fest
RI Kids Must Stay in School Until Age 18

Animal Book Club
Usborne’s Eggs and Chicks

Freaky Phenomena
Siberia Sets Up Yeti Institute

Japanese Book Club
First Book of Sushi

Restaurant Talk
Free Chik-Fil-A Throughout July

Make Your Own Starter Pots

I love this tutorial, which teaches you how to make starter pots out of newspaper.

Earth Talk
Tutorial: How to Make Seed Starter Pots with Newspaper

Dessert Report
Lifesavers Gummies: Bunnies and Eggs

Campus Report
8 Alternatives to College

Miami Job Market
Ghost Towns Pop Up Around Florida, Elsewhere

Freaky Phenomena
FBI Files: Proof that UFO Landed on Earth?

Romantic Talk
What Your Birth Order Says About Your Love Life

Living to Do
Culinary Adventure: Eat at Your Local Triple D

Accounting Job Market
Alternative Tax Day Activities

Long Beach Music
April 16 is Record Store Day

Talk to Your Doctor About… GMOs

That’s what physicians were advised to do over a year ago, after all. How many have you been talked to? I, for one, have yet to hear a word about genetically modified organisms from my doctors.

Farm Talk
GMOs in America

Animal Report
Elephants Aren’t Kiddie Rides

Pagan Journey
Is That Jar of Pee a Witch Bottle I See?

360 Blog
Stop Cruelty Toward Lions in Chile

Freaky Phenomena
Today in Stupid Human News

Make Your Ashes into a Record

There are weirder things to do with your remains…

Freaking Phenomena
Throw Your Voice Beyond the Grave

Craft World
Celebrate Play-Doh Day

Working and Parenting
Interview with SAHM

Healthy and Hale
High Fructose Corn Syrup Now Known as The Sugar Formerly Known as Syrup

Great News Blog
No More Animal Testing on Great Apes in Europe!

RIP… Oh, Wait, Nevermind

This woman died and was brought back to life 114 times in just two days! Talk about determination from both parties…

Freaky Phenomena
Back From the Dead for the 114th Time

Romantic Talk
If You Liked It, Then You Should Have Put a Ring on It

Restaurant Job Market
Waitress Speaks Out About the Ins and Outs of the Biz

Insurance Job Market
Even Potholes Can Work for Geico

Engineering Job Market
Engineering Majors Face Positive Job Outlook

Law Enforcement Job Market
Competition is Fierce for Texas Law Enforcement Jobs

Information Technology Job Market
Need IT Career Advice?

Sales Job Market
Sales Tips From a Toddler

And Creative Copy #29 is up; I did a slightly different take on Cinderella.  For #30, I went for something darker and more ambivalent; is the character a crusader for justice or a nutty wackjob? You decide! 🙂

Animals Going Extinct More Rapidly Than We Thought

extinctionSpeaking of extinction, I read the other day how some scientists are claiming that about one third of identified dinosaurs may not be separate species, but baby dinosaurs of already previously identified species!

They claim that the lizards changed so much during their lifespans that they might not be separate species. Pretty interesting food for thought, eh?

Healthy and Hale
National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

Working and Parenting
National School Bus Safety Week

You Clean
Keep Your Home From Smelling Like a CSI Decomp

Animal Report
Species Extinctions Cause for a Concern

Freaky Phenomena
Jack the Ripper Identified?

What is a Tag Cloud?
What is a Block Pallet?

Barbie in Disguise

brussel sproutAre there times when Barbie isn’t really Barbie, or is she always the plastic, soul-sucking succubus we all know and despise?

Barbie Fest
When Barbie Isn’t a Barbie

Health Food Talk
Natural Detoxifying Herbs and Foods

Animal Report
Take Action for Dolphins, See The Cove

Campus Report
Save Money on Your Textbooks

Latte Talk
Top 10 Weird Coffee Flavors

Freaky Phenomena
Giant Meat-Eating Plant Wants You For Breakfast

Cosmetics Report
I Want to Look Like Bella!