What are you reading?

I finished Jackaby this week and now we’re reading The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles.

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What do you do with your Thanksgiving leftovers?

How about a turkey quesadilla?

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The Tuesday Currents


Playing with new birthday stickers

Reading Jackaby,  Saga, The Last of the Great Whangdoodles and Beastologist: The Wyvern’s Treasure

(Speaking of Saga) Loving my new Marko Funko Pop, who lives next to Holtzman on my desk. Indy also got me some LUSH bath bombs, kodama figures, Trolls stickers and new pens for my birthday.

Appreciating all of the birthday calls, texts, messages and gifts. My mom had to work but made and sent over a cake via my dad, and my poor sister was recovering from dental surgery but still had a nice chat with me via text.

Drinking sugarfree blackberry lemonade. I’m trying to up my water intake with different flavors; so far the mojito flavor is the best.

Existing in the maddening in-between while playing the waiting game

Writing about dogs, recipes, news and so forth

Eating peanut butter

Planning teen night, Scouts candy delivery, rides while Indy works overtime next week, Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving details, our next few units, etc.

Letting go of things that Wood Sprite has outgrown, which is always bittersweet

Using the gift card I won from the library for Bohemian Rhapsody tickets! Can’t wait!

Coming across notes in the planner and realizing I’ve attended to the tasks already = the best feeling

Loving my birthday oil perfumes from The Little Book Eater, like Hermione Granger and Matilda Wormwood!

Stocking up on 10-cent Halloween makeup

Trying not to worry. Newt Scamander says that if you worry you suffer twice and I tend to agree. That doesn’t make it any easier…

Watching Broadchurch and our Sci-Fi-Vember marathon, complete with some juicy discussions about tech, cloning and other topics. So far we’ve watched Terminator, Igor, Rampage and all three Ghostbusters movies. (We’re not watching on evenings we have plans.) We also got to see a Mary Shelley play.

Trying to remedy terrible sleep and missing caffeine. You’d think that eliminating one might improve the other but now I’m just tired all the time. Daylight Savings Time often has that effect around here!

What are you up to this week?