The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

Researching things I never thought I’d research before

Clearing out units, books and other items we didn’t get around to and moving them to next year

Pretending I’m not decorating yet until Dec. 1 while playing with holiday stickers in my calendar and journal #nochristmasuntildecember

Reading Beastologist 3, Nim’s Island and Whangdoodles with the family

Getting beyond excited about holiday plans as our library materials roll in

Eyeing Christmas trees. Pretty sure we want another Fraser Fir.

Worrying over the new cat’s reaction to said tree…

Embracing my millennial(xennial)ism #librariesforever #iloveavocadosandmyteengivesmehellforit

Processing information. Something we worked really hard on didn’t work out, and it’s a bummer for someone close to me, but I’m trying to be grateful no matter what.

Jumping into our new Science Center membership and wishing for a whole year’s themes of First Fridays to be released

Hanging with friends while Indy does our oil changes

Getting those end-of-year doctor, eye and dentist appointments checked off

Enjoying a breakfast date with Indy while Wood Sprite’s in a zoo class

Watching Wonder Woman

Participating in a zoo research study regarding an awesome new exhibit

Visiting my sisters and some BFFs

Seeing two rainbows on Sunday

Drinking too much coffee

Wishing restaurants carried other lettuce varieties #theresmoretolifethanromaine

Binging Natalie Merchant songs. I loved her as a teenager, too.

Craving some good fried fish

Hanging out at the Science Center while the teens do their thing

Sending love to another family member who just had surgery

Agonizing over whether or not to read the new Saga installment that just arrived from the library. I know it’s going to break my heart but I NEED TO READ IT

LOVING the Lunar Chronicles. I didn’t want to switch to Scarlet after following Cinder’s story but now I’m all about the farm girl.

What are you up to this week?

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