Special Announcement: New Posts at Progressive Parenting!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m now able to bring you an extra 6 posts at Progressive Parenting, Conscious Caregiving each week–a total of 12 weekly posts! Let me know if you’d like any specific topics covered and I’ll be happy to add them in. Check out the link for a few ideas I have, including a new Geekin’ Out theme.


The Latest From Progressive Parenting

swap hat
Wood Sprite’s cool new collection of Girl Scouts swaps.

Come hang out at Progressive Parenting, Conscious Caregiving and see what’s new this week.

Monday Medley: Daycare Horror
Plus parenting styles, skipping college and a free showing of “Medicating Kids.”

Tasty Tuesday: Brown Sugar Potatoes
These work great in soups or on their own!

What’s Happening Wednesday: The Isolated Homeschooler Myth
Plus Boy Scouts news, student activists and the results of spanking your children.

Think It Over Thursday: Thoughts on Childism
Do you acknowledge childism when it occurs?

Friday Fun: Homemade Soap, Bird Houses and Mosaic Products
Plus, weird Disney facts (for adults and older teens only!)

Saturday Steals and Deals: Free Redbox Codes for the Weekend
Plus natural headache remedies, free book lesson plans and more!

What’s Happening at Progressive Parenting

Monday Medley: The Sparkling Martins on Wife Swap!
Plus a scary school speaker, teaching kids to center and sobering truth from The Onion.

Tasty Tuesday: Yummy Homemade Vitamin Water
Plus brownies, grilled cheese and more.

What’s Happening Wednesday: Thousands of Students Criminalized
Plus student protests, bans and makeup-free dolls.

Think it Over Thursday: Regrets of Motherhood
Is this mom’s candid confession brave, selfish or both?

Friday Fun: Must-read Books, Fun Old Sayings and Earth Day Crafts
Here are enough activities to fill up your next couple of weekends!

Saturday Steals, Deals & Reviews: Record Me Now
Plus free curriculum and The Magic School Bus.

Progressive Parenting, Conscious Caregiving

My new column at the klaT Network has a name! It’s Progressive Parenting, Conscious Caregiving, and I hope you’ll enjoy each week’s posts. Here are this week’s highlights:

Monday Medley
Dealing with Breakdowns
Plus: How to stop yelling and inspiring stories

Take Action Tuesday
Student Loan Fairness
Plus kids and drugs, Equal Pay Day, safe cosmetics, Monsanto & more

What’s Happening Wednesday
Link Between Childhood Asthma, BPA
Plus clothed superwomen, US versus France on women’s health and more

Think It Over Thursday
Those Rich Homeschoolers!
Debunking Another Homeschool Myth

Friday Fun
Homemade Ice Cream, Meteor Showers & More
Plus: Tips on raising an empathetic child

Saturday Steals, Deals & Reviews
Curriculum of Love
Plus lesson freebies, project packs and YouTube read-alongs