Solidarity Day with Gaza June 6

If you can’t make a rally or vigil next Saturday, I hope that you will send some healing thoughts or prayers to the people in the Gaza strip. Sage and I prayed for them before she went to bed tonight and we will continue to do so.

Praying for a renewed Peace Treaty between North Korea and the United States would be a good idea, too!

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Gaza Solidarity Day This Weekend
U.S. Soldiers Help Iraqis in Need
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Countrywide = Risky Lending
Mortgage Fraud Running Rampant


I Heart Our Planet

Sea TurtleA lot of family, pet/animal and eco stories this week…

Seems I’m feeling rather earthy!

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June Volunteering
Petition Against Global Warming

Children’s Bookclub
The Peace Book (review)

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A Greener Shade of Red, White and Blue

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Freedom Takes No Holidays

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National Hamburger Day

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How to Save a Life

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Great Graduation Gifts

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Hamsters: A Great First Pet

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A Tale of Rape and Redemption (review)

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The Artist’s Way (review)

Turtle City
Baby Sea Turtles Released for World Turtle Day

Whale City
Greenland: New Home for Right Whales

What are the Different Epidemiology Careers?
What Does a Quantitative Analyst Do?
What is a Medical Physicist?

Working and Parenting
Sneaking in Family Fitness

first day of preschool

It’s Disgusting! It’s Despicable! It’s Detestable!

My full apologies to Cole Porter, but I had no idea that 3 sharks die every second at human hands… that’s just startling! Commentaries on that and many others below…

360 Blog
Welcome to 360 Blog, Your New Activist Central

Animal Report
Say No to Shark Finning

Healthy and Hale
Welcome to Healthy and Hale

Living To Do
Start Your Own Living To-Do List!

Pagan Journey
Welcome to the Pagan Journey

Parenting Report
May is National Foster Care Month

Party Games
Free Party Games, Part 1: Who Am I?

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Peace in Sri Lanka?

Single Woman Talk
May is Creative Beginnings Month

Solidarity House
Peace on the Horizon in Sri Lanka

Spirituality Bestsellers
Reading Guide for National Meditation Month
Mortgage Help is on the Way

Weird Animal Report
Mexican Water Monster: Cutie of the Water

What Are the Different Surgical Assistant Jobs?
What Are the Different Ophthalmology Jobs?
What Are the Different Sonography Jobs?

The Deadly Sippy Cup!

A new day, and many more pieces of content to add. I hope you enjoy these, and there will be many more to come.

Female Talk
Dane Cook is a Whore

Health Food Talk
The Incredible, Edible Egg

TyGirlz just ‘wanna’ have fun

Parenting Report
The Deadly Sippy Cup

Real Book
Get Caught Reading

Solidarity House
World Needs to Come Together to Fight A/H1N1 Influenza, Says UN
Second Annual Solidarity with Cuba Day

May is Save the Wetlands Month

Below is a list of things you can do to help save the wetlands, along with my other latest articles.

Earth Talk
10 Ways to Help Save America’s Wetlands

Solidarity House
France, European Union Pledge Aid for Displaced Civilians in Pakistan
Job Loss Protection Program to Help New Buyers
New Incentives for Mortgage Modifications
Mortgage Relief OK for Credit Rating


May is a Month of Sleep and Appreciation

My good friend Lisa would tell me, “Sara, three words: Pot. Kettle. Black.” It’s true that all of my life I’ve been a non-sleeper who would take random naps for survival. I can now attest that behavior like that can cause real damage–in my case, to my eyes, memory, and general overall health. I’m also finding that the more sleep my body gets, the more it wants! Celebrate Better Sleep Month by giving yourself a full eight hours sometime this week. It’s quite refreshing!

If you can’t sleep, try a technique I’ve learned from Laura Fenamore: Ask each body part calmly to relax. “Neck, relax. Shoulders, relax. Spine, relax.” It almost automatically does this! Just try. Your body wants you to.

Here are my latest pieces for today:

Barbie Fest
7 Controversial Barbies

Children’s Bookclub
Actual Size (review)

Health Food Talk
Sneaking in Those Superfoods

Parenting Report
May is Teacher Appreciation Month

Solidarity House
Pope Expresses Solidarity with Palestinians
Fannie May, Freddie Mac Costing Taxpayers Billions

What Does a Field Engineer Do?
What is a Mechanic’s Stethoscope?
What is a Radiologic Technologist?

Working and Parenting
May is Better Sleep Month

Remember, comments, bookmarking and sharing are always more than welcome! 🙂

Take care,

OneClickMoms is Live!

It actually went live on May 1, so I am a little late in posting this. But I wanted to share it because I have written some reviews for the site, and may write more. You can see my shiny happy bio on the site here.

I’d like to invite you to sign up for the One Click Daily. The box for sign-ups is located on the home page at When you receive each One Click Daily you will see a review of a website for kids and teens as well as the writer’s bio as the reviewer.

It’s a great way to check out websites and see if they are safe, functional, meaningful, etc. for your kids. So please sign up and don’t forget to pass it on to your friends—both moms and dads!  🙂

Once they are live, I will also be adding my reviews to the article section of this site.

Happy Clicking!

Moms and Moles

On Mother’s Day, I wrote a piece on What Mom Really Wants at Parenting Report.

Today I have a story up at Weird Animal Report called Star-Nosed Mole: AKA The Guy From That M. Night Shyamalan Movie. And yes, it’s a real animal!

I have another story about Frog Jumping Day at Pet in the Pocket. Find out more about this holiday and celebrate!

I’ve also been writing a lot of articles for several different companies, all of which I hope to be able to post here soon, once they are live.

Have a great week!

New Content for May 5

I will have new content live almost daily now; whether I’ll have time to post it daily is the question!

New Articles:
8 Ways to Keep a Preschooler Engaged While You Work, at Working and Parenting
Strapped for Cash? Family Fun Doesn’t Have to Cost a Thing, at Parenting Report

A very short but sweet poem based on my Life Organizer work recently:

A couple more to add today:

Also, a couple of coloring pages I made for Sage, from some of her new favorite movies:
Ginormica (from Monsters vs. Aliens)

New Articles and Poems

New Articles:

Whaling Fetishists Seek Iceland’s Waters to Slake Lust, at Whale Talk
Mother Earth, The Hummer, at Earth Talk
Chupacabras Chomp on Furry Friends, at Weird Animal Talk

New Poems:

The Invisible
Little Explorer
One Quick Taste

With three brand-new gigs (whoo-hoo!) that are all ongoing, plus my older ones, there will be much more to come!