In Defense of Ron Weasley

I’m not a huge Ron Weasley fan. In fact, he’s my second-least favorite of the Weasley clan. That said, all of the people (including JK Rowling) claiming that he’s just not suitable for Hermione Granger are kind of getting on my nerves. Rowling has even said that she regrets writing them as a married couple.

Have none of you heard that opposites attract?

When my husband and I were high school sweethearts, a lot of my friends had problems accepting him. He wasn’t a bookworm, a studious kid like the rest of us. He was a gearhead goofball who happened to be as infatuated with me as I was with him. In some ways, we are exactly alike; in others, we are complete opposites, and we complement each other so well. We have been together for nearly two decades. Friends who remain with us after all of that time have given me a secret nod, or even told me that they “get it” now, after they’ve found their own seemingly mismatched bookends.

I have the same view about Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter. So many people claimed Ginny was nothing but a “Mary Sue” out of left field, but ever since she told him off in Order of the Phoenix when everyone else was afraid to put him in his place I’ve adored her. I think she and Harry make James and Lily come full circle.

When I think of these fictional couples, I also think of the relationship we have with our kids. In some ways, my daughter is just like me; in some, she’s my exact opposite. Sometimes this drives me absolutely crazy. Sometimes I have to laugh and think how much better she’ll have it because of the ways she’s not like me.

She makes me practice the Art of the Wait. Continue reading In Defense of Ron Weasley


Monday’s Music

This song’s a bit of wishful thinking! In the afternoon I feel fine, but every morning and evening this fall has been full of coughing and unpleasantness for me so far.

Today I’m finishing up my latest book, Letting Go, for Changeling Press. Look for it on the other blog (adults only!) next month! I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything here in months. Things just get so busy… And I know that’s for most people, not just our family. Indy’s on a new shift at work and working so much OT that I haven’t been able to keep up with my own work as much as I am normally able, and having two dogs is almost like having toddlers around the house again! They were recently spayed, which was a LOT of work just keeping them subdued. I’ve been writing mostly technical articles, singles blogs and some how-tos here and there. Here’s to a fun and productive November (maybe with less coughing)!