Sunday Smiles

bright chalkWhat are you smiling about this weekend? I’m smiling because…

Indy is off for the first time in three weeks! We miss him so much, although we also appreciate all of the overtime. He’s sleeping in right now; after work last night, we stayed up to watch some shows on Hulu and snuggled.

Even though I had to miss a night out with the girls, I’m so glad that they got to see each other. Good luck on your new adventure, T! We will miss you and try to visit you in Texas soon.

We are loving this new bright chalk!

Having plenty of work is so nice. It’s tricky to schedule it now that Indy’s not around for Wood Sprite as much, though. Lately I’ve been writing lots of singles resources, plus Q & A pieces for informational websites. If you’ve asked a question about anything from the salaries of various careers to the habits of animals to how computer animation works, chances are I’ve answered it somewhere!

Bonuses. Bonuses are nice.

The library, as usual, makes me smile. I have so many gems from them between inter-library loans, regular books and eBooks!

Seeing family is always nice. I wish I could spend more time with them.

I also had two fillings done on Friday, and Indy and Sprite got haircuts, so we all look a little different. Plus, Sprite and I both had cleanings done in the last two weeks, so Indy’s the only one left to get one this week.

Sprite has chicken pox and she’s incredibly sad about missing her friends, but I’m so grateful for the weather. She’s at least been able to play in the yard.