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13942385_10154071598681284_819447423_nHere are my latest posts at Ganjarama. This week we are talking about the best vaping pens, potalyzers, great gifts for pot smokers and much more. I hope you find them informative!

The Best Pens for Vaping Weed
Potalyzer: New Ways to DUI Test
Undisclosed Pesticide Use Remains a Problem among Growers
Ganja Gifts: Pot Smoker Presents That Will Be a “Hit”
Buddabox: The Subscription Box for Ganja Lovers

Things I Love Thursday

birdhouse-bookEvery other week is a non-4-H, non-co-op and non-Girl Scouts week, which means we are enjoying more time at home or doing more random things we enjoy! Yesterday we went apple picking and made some new friends, and tonight we have a rally for the Scouts fall product. I’m prepping for my baby sister’s baby shower, building birdhouses with 4-H next week and getting parents ready for the Scouts fall sale, so you could say I still have many of those activities this week! Since last week, I’ve also enjoyed the season premiere of How to Get Away with Murder (OMG who do you think is dead?), FALL WEATHER, a birthday party for my friends’ daughter, a visit to the Spirit Halloween store (WANT. EVERYTHING. sigh!) a shower prep day with my middle sister, swimming with my family, soft pretzels, a new episode of Once Upon a Time, some book writing, some park play, and a 4-H council meeting where we got tons of free supplies for projects! It’s also almost OCTOBER, the most wonderful time of the year! 😉

What are you loving this week?

WTF, Jean Grey?

Yes, this is from next year's planner. November is my birthday month, so it ALWAYS gets a Phoenix sticker.
Yes, this is from next year’s planner. November is my birthday month, so it ALWAYS gets a Phoenix sticker.

She’s my favorite X-Men character. Always has been. And even though she’s not had as many stories of carnage and chaos as, say, Wolverine, Jean Grey’s had her share of jerktastic moments.

Screen Rant
X-Men: 15 Most WTF Things Jean Grey Has Ever Done


The Tuesday Currents

I miss being a pirate already.
I miss being a pirate already.

Rocking to… My “Everything Bagel” Spotify playlist. Hearing old songs that I completely forgot about is so much fun.

Laughing about… the presidential debate. Really? Just… really?

Drinking… Rootbeer.

Reading… Abundant Mama blogs, Hands Free Mama, Girl Scouts badge guides, fall sales guide, proofs.

Writing… Ganjarama pieces, Boo to You, Mrs. Robinson, tons of emails/reminders/agendas/materials for homeschool groups, 4-H Club, Girl Scouts and another homeschool group steering committee, product descriptions (boots, fog machines, chairs, pillows…) and site testing. The best thing this week (so far) was a description for a Deadpool toy. SWEET!

Watching… Brooklyn 99 and Once Upon a Time. My sister and I also watched 10 Cloverfield Lane on Saturday and although I was underwhelmed, it was really nice to spend the day with her. Plus, I was able to introduce her to EW!

And yeah, I’m Sara with no H, because H’s are EW!

Planning… My baby sister’s baby shower, group meetings, park days, parties, field trips… again, All The Things. <–Ditto from last week, only this week is a little less hectic. We did have a tire blow last week so we are working some makeup cash into the budget for that, too.

Making… Baby shower goodies (art, keepsakes for mama and other things I cannot reveal!), lots and lots and lots of words strung together…

Wanting… To walk around barefoot and NOT get dog hair splinters in my feet. Aside from brushing and daily sweeping (which we already do), any ideas?

Things I Love Thursday

Wood Sprite has been taking photos for her wildlife Girl Scouts badge--and her 4-H photography project.
Wood Sprite has been taking photos for her wildlife Girl Scouts badge–and her 4-H photography project.

Here are just a few things I am loving this already uber-filled FALL. How about you?

FALL. It doesn’t feel like it yet but it’s GOING to soon! Next week is apple picking, which always kicks off the season. Today we made maple popcorn in honor of Autumn. Wood Sprite also enjoyed a new chore for her: mowing the lawn!

My new skull earrings. I got them for less than a buck and they are adorable.

Sleeping in. OMG, y’all… Wood Sprite spent the night at my mom’s on Saturday so I could work on my book. The next day, Indy and I slept. in. It was so wonderful! Then we ate a frozen pizza in bed and watched Stranger Things… This may seem simple to some people but to people always on the go like us, it was absolute heaven. We talked about how we used to be so nonchalant about days like this and we just enjoyed it SO much.

Wood Sprite’s bowling league. We took a long break from WS’s league because she had grown tired of weekly bowling, but it’s so much fun to see our friends H and B on a weekly basis again! We have missed them so much.

Coffee. Always and so much!

Talk Like a Pirate Day! My family and I always love this day because we get to dress up and get free donuts (Indy’s favorite)! This year we shared some with friends, some with nurses at the ER and some with our librarians.

Fishing with 4-H. We had a blast, even though it was pretty hot.

Seeing Follies with our homeschool co-op. It was simply amazing!

What are you loving this week?