Things I Love Thursday

birdhouse-bookEvery other week is a non-4-H, non-co-op and non-Girl Scouts week, which means we are enjoying more time at home or doing more random things we enjoy! Yesterday we went apple picking and made some new friends, and tonight we have a rally for the Scouts fall product. I’m prepping for my baby sister’s baby shower, building birdhouses with 4-H next week and getting parents ready for the Scouts fall sale, so you could say I still have many of those activities this week! Since last week, I’ve also enjoyed the season premiere of How to Get Away with Murder (OMG who do you think is dead?), FALL WEATHER, a birthday party for my friends’ daughter, a visit to the Spirit Halloween store (WANT. EVERYTHING. sigh!) a shower prep day with my middle sister, swimming with my family, soft pretzels, a new episode of Once Upon a Time, some book writing, some park play, and a 4-H council meeting where we got tons of free supplies for projects! It’s also almost OCTOBER, the most wonderful time of the year! 😉

What are you loving this week?


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