An Apple a Day…

…is delicious, to say the least!

Today’s Special
Delicious Apple Recipes for Fall

Customer Service Job Market
Interview with Customer Service Associate

Healthcare Job Market
Interview with Personal Care Assistant

Sales Job Market
Interview with Clothing Store Clerk

New Baby Gifts
Help Keep New Babies Safe


Getting Creative with Lunch

I made my first “muffin tin lunch” yesterday and found it a lot of fun. Of course, I didn’t get as creative as these parents… though that doesn’t mean that I won’t!

Parenting Report
The Art of Making Lunch

Romantic Talk
Getting Cozy in the Loo

Restaurant Job Market
Interview with Former Restaurant Manager

Education Job Market
Interview with Peer Learning Assistant

Washington DC Job Market
Choice USA Hiring Field Director

The Dangers of a Gas Stove

Our gas stove has always made me nervous, and after reading a few facts about gas products I’m even more scared of the thing. Hopefully these safety tips will help anyone who needs them as well as yours truly!

Gadgetry Report
The Scary Truth About Gas Stoves

Healthy Recovery
Be Bold, Be Bald!

Toxic Waste Cloud
4-ish Reasons to Like James Cameron

Tantric Info
Pole Dancing: Every Little Girl’s Dream

Single Mother Talk
Jump Houses: THE Source for Your Child’s Daily Lead Allowance!

I’m also shooting to take part in the Creative Copy Challenge, In a Sentence, AND 100 Words again starting this week! I miss the first two terribly (the third is new to me, introduced by Aless) but have just been strapped for time all summer. Seeing as I’ll probably always be crazy busy, I thought why not try and take part when I can for a bit of joy?

Creative Copy Challenge
#70, on mythical conflicts
#69, on potential proposals

100 Words
End of Summer 2010 Entry

Young Feminist Blog Carnival Tomorrow!

Grab this badge and find out how to participate below!

Pro Choice Voters
Join in the Feminist Blog Carnival

Vegetarian Talk
National Banana Lover’s Day

Pregnant Report
Help End Obstetric Fistula

Michael Jackson Talk
Happy Birthday, MJ

Today’s Special
Your Own Pee-Wee’s Playhouse

Welcome, Fall!

So it’s not quite fall yet; I don’t care. I’m so ready for it to be here that I’ll celebrate a few weeks early!

Saint Louis Flowers
Welcome, Fall!

Dessert Report
Two Scoops of Vanilla, Hold the rBGH

Pittsburgh Flowers
10 Ways to Celebrate National Mushroom Month

Working and Parenting
Take Your Kids Yard Sale-ing

Pregnant Report
Mother Brings Newborn Back From Dead

Sand Play!

Who doesn’t love playing in the sand? Here are some ideas to keep the fun going even if you don’t have a beach around.

Working and Parenting
10 Things to Do with Sand

2014 Winter Games
Eco-Friendliness at 2014 Winter Games

God Report
Religion Class Causes Stir in Secular School

New York Job Market
Help Support Mott’s Workers

360 Blog
Craft for a Cause