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The Dangers of a Gas Stove

Our gas stove has always made me nervous, and after reading a few facts about gas products I’m even more scared of the thing. Hopefully these safety tips will help anyone who needs them as well as yours truly!

Gadgetry Report
The Scary Truth About Gas Stoves

Healthy Recovery
Be Bold, Be Bald!

Toxic Waste Cloud
4-ish Reasons to Like James Cameron

Tantric Info
Pole Dancing: Every Little Girl’s Dream

Single Mother Talk
Jump Houses: THE Source for Your Child’s Daily Lead Allowance!

I’m also shooting to take part in the Creative Copy Challenge, In a Sentence, AND 100 Words again starting this week! I miss the first two terribly (the third is new to me, introduced by Aless) but have just been strapped for time all summer. Seeing as I’ll probably always be crazy busy, I thought why not try and take part when I can for a bit of joy?

Creative Copy Challenge
#70, on mythical conflicts
#69, on potential proposals

100 Words
End of Summer 2010 Entry

A Whole New Meaning for “Sex Kitten”

Have you heard about the Tantric sex  in Avatar? Read the article below to find out more.

Tantric Info
Tantric Sex in Avatar

Objectors US
The Latest in Police Brutality News

2014 Winter Games
Olympics are Not Sustainable, Let Alone Sacred

Rolling Stones Talk
Jolie and Jaggers’ Affair(s)

Noir Movie
Scorsese’s Detective Noir, Shutter Island, is One Chilly Flick

President Obama is a Fly Killer!

wrdlivesupportAnd that’s the most important news of the week!!! Well, at least you’d think it was.

Some fun stuff, some sad stuff, and some plain old weird stuff today… enjoy!

Air Force Talk
Air Force Applications Up

Rental Talk
Making Use of a Small Space

Tantric Info
Heather Graham’s Tantra Claims Anger Hindu Community

Bicycle Report
Celebrities Who Bike

360 Blog
Angelina Jolie Kicks Off World Refugee Day

Animal Report
President Obama is a Fly Killer!

Bulldog Talk
Bulldog Owner Bludgeons Pet to Death