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50 Ways to Create a Memorable Childhood

Feel free to implement these ideas into your own parenting, or to add your own!

Parenting Report
50 Ways to Create a Memorable Childhood

Children’s Book Club
Read a Book, Give a Book (For Free!)

Beauty World
The Power of a Good Bath

Working and Parenting
Winter is the Perfect Time to Teach Kids About Music

Accounting Job Market
Make Less Than Last Year? Get Over It

Creative Copy Challenge
Challenge 116, on the things we do for love

Things I Love Thursday

Today’s a snow day! And if you’re snowed in or just feel like playing with 10 super fun words, come play at Creative Copy Challenge today, where Challenge 111 features word prompts chosen by yours truly. Here is my own wacky entry!

Things I’m Loving This Week…

Glee! I always said I’d never watch a sitcom, since when I was a kid I just hated them, but I’ve suddenly found myself obsessed with this darn show.  Singstar–still playing a few times a week!  Leven Thumps–can’t wait to read the rest of the series.  snow  seeing deer in the backyard again  watching Supernatural, yet another TV show; I’m afraid my brain may be turning to mush  interlibrary loans  cool new craft books from Highlights  playing weather phenomenon games with Wood Sprite and her zoobles (today it was a tornado)  having a relatively clean house  compliments from strangers  bubblegum oldies  our new blu-ray player  planning for next weekend’s date day  reading The Hunger Games out loud with TJ  Wood Sprite’s constantly changing request for a dog (yesterday it was a black lab, though the day before it was a “germy leopard” (German shepherd), and it keeps varying)  new blog subscribers (wink, wink!)  singing The Requiem in the shower (especially with my scrumdilluptious sugar scrub)  open days filled with promise  free family films series

Looking for a Good Book Club?

If you’re looking for an enlightening book club for 2011, check out the Year of Feminist Lit below.

Reference Book Club
A Year of Feminist Literature

Parenting Report
Kiddie Sports Meetings are Stupid

Working and Parenting
My Little Girl is On Your Team, Too

Health Food Talk
European Products Are Healthier, No Matter the Brand

Hate My Kid
Leave the Kids Alone

Creative Copy Challenge
Challenge 108, on weekends
Challenge 53, on broken dreams
Challenge 52, on courage
Challenge 17, on family dynamics

Skating with Ewoks

Fellow sci-fi fans, come celebrate!

Today’s Special
10 Ways to Celebrate Science Fiction Day

Dance Talk
Get Some Skating in This Month

Flowers World
January is National Mail Order Gardening Month

Fantasy Book Club
Happy Tolkien Day!

Creative Copy Challenges!
Challenge 15, on merpirates (Yeah, new to me, too! No idea where that came from.)
Challenge 16, on conflicting plans

Creative Copy #100!

This super cool writing project marks its 100th challenge today! If you have a moment, please join in.

Creative Copy Challenge
Challenge #100, inspired by the many Pride and Prejudice lovers I know

Also, I read the most amazing book ever today. My tolerant husband was kind enough to care for our kiddo while I spent all afternoon on this incredible read. (I think he knows how much more alive and happy I am once I get a book under my belt every week.) I’m now eagerly awaiting the sequel from the long library waiting list…

Fiction Book Club
Why Read Twilight When There are Hunger Games?

Seattle Flowers
Snowberry Shrubs

Have You Played Project Positivity Yet?

If not, please check it out here on Facebook. It’s been a fun six days so far!

Be sure to come and play at these sites, too:

100 Words
I’m writing this month’s 100 words on the theme of gratitude. Each day, I’m going to fit as many things I am grateful for (along with their descriptions) in 100 words each day.

Creative Copy Challenge
# 81, on body image
#13, “Sketching in Central Park”
#14, “Mystery Man”

Come (Write 100 Words) and Play!

I’m absolutely loving this website that Aless passed on to me.  Today is a new month, perfect to jump in on a 30-day challenge! Who’s with me?

100 Words
September 1

Also, the Creative Copy Challenge continues for those who want to have some fun writing 10-word prompt stories!

Creative Copy Challenge
Challenge #71, on fall!

The Dangers of a Gas Stove

Our gas stove has always made me nervous, and after reading a few facts about gas products I’m even more scared of the thing. Hopefully these safety tips will help anyone who needs them as well as yours truly!

Gadgetry Report
The Scary Truth About Gas Stoves

Healthy Recovery
Be Bold, Be Bald!

Toxic Waste Cloud
4-ish Reasons to Like James Cameron

Tantric Info
Pole Dancing: Every Little Girl’s Dream

Single Mother Talk
Jump Houses: THE Source for Your Child’s Daily Lead Allowance!

I’m also shooting to take part in the Creative Copy Challenge, In a Sentence, AND 100 Words again starting this week! I miss the first two terribly (the third is new to me, introduced by Aless) but have just been strapped for time all summer. Seeing as I’ll probably always be crazy busy, I thought why not try and take part when I can for a bit of joy?

Creative Copy Challenge
#70, on mythical conflicts
#69, on potential proposals

100 Words
End of Summer 2010 Entry