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Gifts Not for the Crunchy!

Yeah, I wouldn’t buy a hippie a diamond if I were you. (Note: I don’t want one, either!)

Valentine Report
Bad Gifts for Your Crunchy Lover

My Lazy Life
Baby Steps, Baby Steps, Baby Steps

AA Talk
The Line Between Enabling and Full Acceptance

Pro-Choice Voters
Let’s Close the Vagina Cafe


NAPOMO Activities, Part 2

Write some bad poetry on purpose, or try a new style.

Affordable Writers
More NAPOMO Activities

Catholic Voters League
Little Nun God-Bride Girls

League of Parental Consent Voters
Risky Games Your Kids Could Be Playing

Pro-Choice Voters
Your Pathetic Disclaimers Aren’t Enough for Me

Gay Voters
Fourteen-Year-Old Commits Suicide

Piano Lessons for Kids

Wood Sprite has been taking piano lessons for the past couple of months. She absolutely loves them, and here are a couple of tips we’ve been using to make her practice as kid-friendly as possible.

Classical Music Talk
Piano Lesson Tips for Children

Pro-Choice Voters
Need Plumbing Help?

Spanish Book Club
Wicked Spanish for the Traveler

Living To Do
Overcome an Irrational Fear

Children Need Play!

But it seems like play is the one thing that most kids are simply denied.

Manic Depressive Talk
All Work and No Play Make Janie and Johnny Sad Little Children

Princess Mononoke is an Incredible Film

Pro-Choice Voters
Personhood Ballot Defeated in Mississippi

League of Anti-Cancer Voters
Don’t Want Penis Cancer?

International Mud Day

Go play in the mud!

Today’s Special
Tomorrow is International Mud Day

Pro-Choice Voters
Shakesville and What Tami Said to Host Planned Parenthood Blog Carnival

Male Voters League
The War on Women Wouldn’t Be Possible Without Men

Wii Be Crazy
Supreme Court Okays Violent Video Games for Kids

Affordable Writers
Places to Write: The Bowling Alley

School Fest
No More Cursive Writing in Indiana

Hate My Kid
Hey Mom and Dad, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Model Talk
American Medical Association: Photoshop is the Devil

Movie Center
Cars 2 is Pretty Blah

Zombie Disease Related to Cocaine Use

The awful disease that’s causing people’s flesh to rot is being attributed to animal de-worming agents used to cut cocaine.

Hydrocodone Zone
Flesh-Eating Disease Likely Attributed to Cocaine

Tell Arkansas Paper to Apologize

Green Voters League
Step Out of the Box When You Buy

Chicago Sports Insider
The Lure of the Game

Living to Do
Do It Anyway

Poetry Talk
Mash Up Some Poetry with Magnets, Wordle

Pro-Choice Voters
Forced Sterilization in America

More Political News…

Democrat Talk
Sing on to Support Women Candidates

Pro-Choice Voters
Free Birth Control

Green Voters League
FDA Finally Changes Sunscreen Mandates

Capitalist Voters
Biden: Let’s Cut the Budget by $4 Trillion

Religious Voters
Tell Congress to Protect Medicaid

Objectors US
Support LGBT Homeless Youth

TX Theater Says, “No Texting!”

…or else they’ll make a PSA example out of you!

Gadgetry Report
Quit Texting in the Theater, Already!

TV World
Stabler Not Returning to Law and Order: SVU This Fall

Fantasy Book Club
2012 is the Year of the Fantasy Film

Pro-Choice Voters
Legislators to American Women: You Don’t Matter

Toxic Waste Cloud
How Cute, They’re All in a Row!

Seismologists Charged with Manslaughter

What’s next, weather people charged for ruining the parade?

Seismologists Charged with Manslaughter for Failing to Predict Earthquake

Farm Talk
Chicken Feathers: A Possible Source of Plastic

Peace Report
Demi & Ashton: Real Men Don’t Buy Girls

Noir Movie
Winter’s Bone is Mesmerizing

Death in the Aisle
Zombieland is Pretty Much Shoot ‘Em Up with Zombies

Objectors US
I Don’t Want to See Your Gun Around My Kid

Pro-Choice Voters
Use the Contraceptives, Already

A Plethora of Politics

From oil drilling to Obama’s birth certificate to male circumcision, there are plenty of hot issues going on today.

Tea Party Report
Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate Released

Democrat Talk
Dems Shoot Down Bargaining Rights in Massachusetts

Politics Report
Connecticut Senate to Vote on Death Penalty Repeal

Republican Talk
GOP Using Jim Crow Schemes in Florida

Tea Party Forums
We Need a Counter Tea Party

Pro-Choice Voters
Kansas to Strip Planned Parenthood of Funding

Republican Voters League
Trump’s Latest Conspiracy Theory: “Obama Was a Bad Student”

Capitalist Voters
Flash Mob Tells Bank of America to Pay Their Taxes

Male Voters League
Should Male Circumcision Be Banned?

Green Voters League
Environmental Cheers and Jeers This Week

Religious Voters
Are Voters Ready for a Mormon President?

Win a Pokemon Game for Nintendo DS

Science Report
Mothballs: A Danger to Babies