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Bachman’s “Homeschool Army” Doesn’t Represent All of Us

So please, if you would, stop maintaining that it does.

Bachmann Sucks
Michelle Bachmann’s Homeschool Army is Out to Get Us!

Freaky Phenomena
What’s the Big Deal About Inception?

Dance Talk
Glee Project: Cameron Must Go

New Baby Gifts
What Do You Miss Most About Pre-Parenthood?

360 Blog
July Love Drop

AA Talk
Drinking Alcohol Can Make it Harder to Lose Weight

Politics Report
Argentina Bans Sexual Ads

Should People Who Smoke Be Denied Employment?

SSM Health Care seems to think so.

Healthcare Job Market
Smoke? No Job for You

Romantic Talk
Snuggle and Get Romantic This Summer

360 Blog
Take Action Today: Quick Eco Actions

New Baby Gifts
Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Stop Sending Your Ads to My Inbox

Restaurant Job Market
Bambinos of Arnold Closes for Good

Subway Says Hate Your Body

Hard up for material much, Subway? Personally I think your product tastes pretty good, but if you’re so insecure about it that you have to use self-hatred to sell it, maybe it’s not worth my five bucks.

Restaurant Talk
Way to Sell Self-Hatred, Subway

Hydrocodone Zone
Hydrocodone, Codeine Overprescribed to Children

Medical Job Market
Healthcare, Info Tech Jobs High in Demand

New Baby Gifts
Gender Cake Parties

Objectors US
25 Facts About Rape

Death in the Aisle
Supernatural Renewed for 7th Season

Columbus Job Market
Columbus College Kids Cheat, Hope to Get Ahead

Peace Report
Defend Glee‘s “Born This Way”

Free Ben & Jerry’s on April 12

It’s all day long, so head on over to your local B & J’s for your favorite flavor! See details below.

Dessert Report
Free Ben & Jerry’s on April 12

360 Blog
April Love Drop: Help the Kahlen Family

Restaurant Talk

PF Chang’s Discount April 18

Parenting Report
Join Your Local Clover Kids Club

The Beatles Talk
Song of the Day: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”

Gardening Book Club
Whose Garden is It?

Pro-Choice Voters
Palin’s Paycheck is Bigger Than Her Cause

New Baby Gifts
April 10 is Baby Massage Day

Objectors US
Free Student Imprisoned for Peaceful Demonstration

That 60s Blog
Song of the Day: “Son of a Preacher Man”

That 70s Blog
Song of the Day: “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting”

That 90s Blog
Song of the Day: “When I Come Around”

That 80s Blog
Song of the Day: “Papa Don’t Preach”

Bird Talk
Take Action: Save the Burrowing Owl

Detroit Flowers
Add Some Pretty Michigan Wildflowers to Your Space

Austin Job Market
1,000 New Austin Jobs, Thanks to eBay?

SUV Ban Coming to Paris?

If this is successful, I’m all about following in the city’s footsteps. Okay, let’s be honest, I’m all for an SUV ban today.

Car Show
Paris to Ban SUVs

Nature Book Club
Creepy Crawlies

Animal Book Club

New Baby Gifts
Introducing Baby to Snow

Toxic Waste Cloud

Feds Should Mandate Snow Days

Holiday Traditions

Today’s posts are allll about the holidays! I finally heard my guy Bruce singing “Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town” yesterday (after abstaining from Christmas music for most of the month, to the best of my ability) and I’ve completely been immersed in the Christmas spirit since. Happy holidays!

Living to Do
Assess Your Year and Plan What’s Next

New Baby Gifts
Stocking Stuffers for Baby

Parenting Report
Start a New Holiday Tradition

Classical Music Talk
How to Start a Caroling Tradition

Hate My Kid
Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

What to Buy for the Working Parents in Your Life

Otherwise known as, “What to get me for Christmas.” 😉

Working and Parenting
Holiday Gifts for Working Parents

Buy Nothing Day

New Baby Gifts
Small Business Saturday

Living to Do
Slow Down! Why Rush the Holidays?

Adventure Book Club
The Lost Hero

An Apple a Day…

…is delicious, to say the least!

Today’s Special
Delicious Apple Recipes for Fall

Customer Service Job Market
Interview with Customer Service Associate

Healthcare Job Market
Interview with Personal Care Assistant

Sales Job Market
Interview with Clothing Store Clerk

New Baby Gifts
Help Keep New Babies Safe