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I had no idea that the frogs’ red eyes show through their membrane while they sleep! It’s pretty cool-looking!

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A Changeling for All Seasons Available Now

A steamy collection of holiday stories (for readers 18+!) from your favorite Changeling authors is now available! A Changeling for All Seasons 9 contains 13 hot tales under the mistletoe written by Ana Raine, Anne Kane, Ayla Ruse, CJ England, Crymsyn Hart, Dahlia Rose, Judy Mays, Julia Talbot, Lena Austin, Lily Vega, Ruth D. Kerce, Sean Michael and me! This is the perfect holiday gift for someone who loves a lot of magic with their sexy Christmas stories. Each story comes from the Changeling “Reindeer Games” series.

My offering in this collection, “Sleigh Ride,” features two naughty Christmas elves who’ve fallen hard for each other and a night of erotic romance they share aboard Santa’s sleigh. It was my first LGBT story for Changeling Press and the elves are some of my favorite characters. Serena Yates of Rainbow Book Reviews says, “If you like stories with lots of elf-on-elf action, if you prefer some humor with your mini-adventures, and if you’re looking for a short, hot read, then you might like this short story.”

You can check it out along with the other 12 stories in this collection at Changeling Press. It’s on sale for $4.79 just in time for Christmas.