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Eating Healthy in the Dorms

As an undergraduate, I ended up losing weight instead of gaining the dreaded “freshman 15.” I didn’t even try; it just happened. Here are some of the reasons why.

Campus Report
A Healthy College Pantry

Educational Book Club
Everything We Know is Wrong

Parenting Report
She’s a Child, Not a Doll

Farm Talk
Join the Annual Walk for Farm Sanctuary

In a Sentence
Challenge 73, on dads and first sleepovers
Challenge 74, on lawyer-client relationships
Challenge 75, on being sleep-deprived

The Dangers of a Gas Stove

Our gas stove has always made me nervous, and after reading a few facts about gas products I’m even more scared of the thing. Hopefully these safety tips will help anyone who needs them as well as yours truly!

Gadgetry Report
The Scary Truth About Gas Stoves

Healthy Recovery
Be Bold, Be Bald!

Toxic Waste Cloud
4-ish Reasons to Like James Cameron

Tantric Info
Pole Dancing: Every Little Girl’s Dream

Single Mother Talk
Jump Houses: THE Source for Your Child’s Daily Lead Allowance!

I’m also shooting to take part in the Creative Copy Challenge, In a Sentence, AND 100 Words again starting this week! I miss the first two terribly (the third is new to me, introduced by Aless) but have just been strapped for time all summer. Seeing as I’ll probably always be crazy busy, I thought why not try and take part when I can for a bit of joy?

Creative Copy Challenge
#70, on mythical conflicts
#69, on potential proposals

100 Words
End of Summer 2010 Entry

Just for Fun

I’ve been doing quite a few projects just for fun lately, and I’ve discovered that I have this strong desire to write drama, suspense, and some pretty dark stuff.  I really appreciate the opportunities that these awesome groups and challenges have provided for me and the things I’m learning about myself and my writing through them!

For example, my entries in the In a Sentence competition at Facebook…

And, of course, the Creative Copy Challenges!

The hosts of these activities are muses, writer group leaders, and coaches all rolled into one–and, in a word, awesome.

Here is another poem for NaPoWriMo as well, written as a contest entry:
“Stayed Sentiments”

April is Full of Awesomeness

Don’t believe me? Read about a few of the cool artistic challenges this month below (as well as in some of my previous posts).

Health Food Talk
South Korea Outlaws Junk Ads Aimed at Kids

Today’s Special
April is International School Spirit Season

Peace Report
Study Finds Spanked Children to Be More Aggressive

Parenting Report
Going with the Whole Child Approach

Today’s Special
Other Than Tax Day…

Government Job Market
Citizens Call for Wall Street Tax, New Jobs on April 15

Creative Copy #32 is live as well! I had Sexual Assault Awareness Month on my mind, just as a warning…

Also, yet another incredibly fun challenge: In a Sentence on Facebook is a blast! Every day, you get one word to use in a sentence; at the end of the day, winners are selected. Each month, everyone gets points tallied up and the people with the most points win prizes. But the most fun is writing the most imaginative sentence you can and enjoying the others posted! 🙂