Blueberries, Michael Jackson’s Eating Habits, and Free Chocolate

I had no idea that Michael Jackson was a vegetarian–did you?

Living To Do
The Bucket List

Healthy and Hale
Health Benefits of Blueberries

Dessert Report
National Ice Cream Soda Day

Vegetarian Talk
Michael Jackson was a Vegetarian

Chocolate Report
Free Chocolate!

Getting Artsy, Earthy, and Cartman-y

Some nifty resources and book reviews posted today… have some summer fun with these, especially with the creativity challenge!

Children’s Bookclub
Goodnight Moon

Spirituality Bestsellers
The Awe-Manac

Pagan Journey
Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Working and Parenting
Fun with Mommy & Me

South Park Talk
Get Your Fix at South Park Studios

Artista Blog
Summer Creativity Challenge


A Few of My Favorite Things

saucerDoggies and horsies and pets in your pocket,
Craft time and movies that scare eyes from your socket,
Turtles, whales, ferrets and alien beings–
These are a few of my favorite things…

Dalmatian Talk
Dalmatian Dies of Heatstroke

Horse Forum
Number of Horses in Need on the Rise

Pet in the Pocket
Furry, Funny, Friendly Ferrets

Turtle City
New Device to Protect Sea Turtles?

Whale City
Global Whaling Talks at a Standstill

Craft World
Getting Crafty Outdoors

Death in the Aisle
5 Scariest Women in Film

The Movie Center
Remembering Farrah Fawcett

Strange Somethings
Mile-Wide UFO Sighted

To Marry or Not to Marry?

usToday is Decide to Be Married Day. I always thought how wickedly cool couples like Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell and Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins were, not being married but staying together, having children, and the works.

Even when my guy proposed and I said yes, I kept putting it off because I liked that we were “living in sin.” Later, I thought, “We won’t get married until our gay friends can,” which I still think is very important–and sometimes wish we had held out for.

Ultimately uncomplicated insurance is what drove us to tying the knot when we did, but I always knew we would somewhere in the back of my mind. I love being my guy’s wife, and he loves being my husband.

I’ve added a new link today–Inspire Me Thursday, one of my new favorite sites. Check out their latest blog post featuring some amazing chalk art animation.

Finally, there’s also a new badge on this page for my cause, the UN World Food Programme. Please visit the sponsor site on my badge and help raise money for hungry kids for free!

~Today’s Articles~

Blissful Vows
Maybe We Should Get Married

Working and Parenting
The Great American Backyard Campout!

Single Woman Talk
Spinster? Sex Fiend? In-Between? Get Tested.

Earth Talk
Energy Bill Passes

Family Guy Talk
10 Reasons to Love Lois

How to Make Paper, Part 1
How to Make Paper, Part 2
Handmade Paper Institute Struggling

Mortgage 2 You
Red Roof Inn Defaults on Mortgages
Benefits of Mortgage Mediation

Take Action Against Bullying

ugly salamanderHelp encourage schools to enforce anti-bullying measures by signing the petition for the Safe Schools Improvement Act below. Also, check out the new species found in Ecuador–don’t you just love stories like that?

Kinsaki: A Virtual World for Friends and Their Avatars

Parenting Report
Say No to Bullying

Campus Report
Time Management Tips

Animal Report
New Species Found in Ecuador

Pop Music Club
R.I.P. Michael Jackson

360 Blog
Support a Living Wage for Workers

This Weekend: Start Composting!

It’s really easier than you think. Check out the benefits of composting in the article below, as well as a way to make a super simple bin, and use the photo below as a guide to filling it up. And while I forgot to mention it in the article, a 10-gallon bucket will even do if you’re short on space or you have an apartment.

If you’re following my articles at Twitter, thanks! One of the sites I write for allows me to auto-post through Twitter and Facebook. However, not all of my articles are posted that way, so the blog is still the best way to read all of my work. 🙂

Parenting Report
National Handshake Day

Valley Scene Magazinecompost
Keeping Kitty Cute and Clean

Earth Talk
Compost Bins at the White House

Seafood Talk
Jeremy Piven Won’t Eat Fish

What is a Pellicle?
How Do I Follow a Low Calorie Diet?
What is a Fixed Partial Denture?
What are the Different Kinds of Ear Problems?
How Do I Plant Grass Seed?

You Make Me So Very Happy

blood.img_assist_custom-175x198Today’s oddest story has got to be the one about the 15-year-old who had filled his room with 52 baby birds… very interesting story there! Be sure to read the 10 reasons to give blood, too.

And I have some swell news: I received a bonus yesterday for my Free the Condoms! piece, which received the second-most views of all of last week’s articles. Sweet! Keep reading, folks, and have some fun. I appreciate it.

Hungry Blogger
A Feva for the Flava

Bird Talk
Teen Hoards Baby Birds in Bedroom

Female Talk
Human Trafficking: Kidnapping, Rape and Modern Day Slavery

Peace Report
My .2% Genetic Difference is Better Than Yours

360 Blog
10 Reasons to Give Blood

Romantic Talk
Being Older Shouldn’t Stop You From Dating

Spirituality Bestsellers
Mutant Message Down Under

Vacation World
World’s Largest Underground Lake is a Missouri Must-See

Let It Go…

Happy Let It Go Day! I’ve decided that life is simply too short to spend on anything other than what you love, and am sharing some ideas about that with you in my Parenting Report article below. It’s not just for parents!

Parenting Report
Just Let it Go

Real Book
Bathroom Reading Month

Meat Report
Neanderthals Liked It Chewy

Celibacy = Romance?

longislandMaybe it does… at least, a little bit. Read the first article for more details… and the rest if you like! There are also some great tea cocktail recipes below.

Romantic Talk
Benefits of… Celibacy

Car Show
Use Your Horn, Fool

Seattle Concerts
Tori Amos at Wamu Theater July 10

Good Drinking
Beyond the Long Island

I Wrote Something About Space!

I figured I should honor this auspicious and first-time-ever occasion with an homage in the form of a title. Enjoy.

Childrens Bookclub
I Love The Night

Space Report
NASA Crashing on Purpose to Set Up Shop on Moon

Spirituality Bestsellers
101 Exercises for the Soul

Health Food Talk
Pomegranate Fever!

Dessert Report
No-Fuss, Low-Calorie Summer Desserts

Astrology Report
Characteristics of a Cancer