The Tuesday Currents

I’m writing this almost two days behind. That’s how busy we are this week! Poor Wood Sprite asked if all families are like this. I said you know they aren’t… a lot of homeschooling families have one parent that works, not two, and they may not volunteer as much as we do on top of their classes and projects. Every fall is a hectic season but between us all doing our own thing and being used to more downtime during Covid, I think this fall feels a bit much to all of us…

I’m currently…

finalizing details for our 4-H conference

working on our GSA website

making dozens of thank-you cards and care packages for firefighters, part of a 4-H service project we received a grant to do

working on fall schedules! A few things are up in the air but we are planning around our archery training, 4-H meetings, service projects, classes, co-op, volunteer work, regular work and so. Much. More.

listening to “September” on repeat. OK, I’m also listening to Virgo season playlists on Spotify, but it’s mostly Earth, Wind & Fire.

getting ready for family game night this weekend! Boy have we missed these. Cue the uncensored games!

writing all the words, as usual

watching my niece Mogwai again! We had a blast with her last week and look forward to it again this week.

kitchen demo. Well, Indy and Wood Sprite are doing that, but I’m helping with cleanup. Once he sands the walls and paints it’s going to look so awesome. I love the hallway so much already with just the new dramatic paint.

attending way too many classes and meetings. That worked out fine earlier in the year but now our schedule is just full.

craving butterscotch

What are you up to?


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The Tuesday Currents

It’s almost Wednesday as I write this, but I’m currently…

listening to records with my teenager! It’s so fun to get them all out and brush off the dust. Wood Sprite is loving the Michael Jackson and Journey.

drinking way too much coffee. I’m trying to get ahead on work, homework and homeschooling to clear a week for some big 4-H projects coming up.

doing way too much paperwork. It feels like everyone needs something done, redone, re-submitted, etc. this week!

burning a lemon-lavender candle

tabling an event with SQSH! I’ll be tabling a couple more next month.

reading Ever After and Seance Tea Party. They were okay but last week’s graphic novels were better.

Watching Wolfwalkers. Another hit from Cartoon Saloon!

nursing a super bruised toe that almost feels broken

finishing up tests, homework and notes for several classes I’ve taken this summer… before I start another on September 13!

starting to plan Halloween and fall bucket lists with the family. We hit almost everything on our summer list, moving one item to fall and checking off the last item–snow cones at our favorite spot–on Monday.

playing math games with Wood Sprite. These brain teasers are much more fun than our usual work.

reserving All The Books. I love our library SO much. A pricey health book is now waiting for me to use for free via Interlibrary Loan and I’m so stoked.

having Not Back to School ice cream tomorrow, followed by a day with my niece on Thursday! I haven’t had a day with her since Covid and I’m so happy. We saw each other at a family event two weekends ago and she cried when I had to leave. We used to see each other at least weekly so this is going to be a really special day.

planning Wood Sprite’s birthday

catching up my journals, lesson plans and other paperwork

watching Wood Sprite and Indy paint while I work. My favorite thing is when we’re all doing our own thing but we’re also all together. Wood Sprite create a tan and orange vibe that’s not unlike the last two colors the room was and our hallway is now slate with RED trim and I love it so much!

planning a bunch of 4-H stuff–enrollment is soon and we have a bunch of projects going at once all of the sudden

ogling several really cute airbnbs while we think about traveling to a friend’s wedding next year. One of my oldest friends has also offered to share a house rental for the weekend so I’m hoping we can make it happen!

What are you up to?