January Wrap Up

Didn’t make the most of the month? That’s okay–you still have a whole year ahead of you.

Living To Do
Self-Help Group Awareness Month

Single Woman Talk
National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month

Gadgetry Report
Leave the Best Voicemail Message Ever

National Bird Feeding Month

Working and Parenting
10 Ways to Have Some Fun at Work

The Freedom to Do It Wrong

The Daily World Outlook

I’d like to invite everyone to come visit The Daily World Outlook. The blog of a friend of mine, it’s a place where you can find some juicy, controversial topics to consider and debate. I’ll be guest posting there and encourage you to check it out and post your thoughts.

The Daily World Outlook
Keep Those Legs Crossed During Super Bowl Sunday!

Quick But Meaningful Activism

If you can, spare a few moments from your day to take action on the following items.

Earth Talk
Earth Hour 2010

Seafood Talk
Support Sustainable Farm Fishing

Turtle City
Save Turtle Habitat!

360 Blog
Help Save the Panther

Farm Talk
Tell the EPA to Tell the Truth About Pesticides

Vegetarian Talk
Support More Veggie Options at Kauffman Stadium