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Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong

So that’s my favorite song with the word “eagle” in it. So what? Yours is probably sappier.

Animal Report
June 20 is American Eagle Day

The Hungry Blogger
Strawberry Festivals!

Parenting Report

Dog Report
Stop Experiments on Beagles

360 Blog
Tell Hershey to Stop Using Child Labor


Remember that version of Alice in Wonderland where the Mock Turtle (Gene Wilder) goes on and on about soup? Dude, I get you. And though I wouldn’t want my house to smell like soup every day, I sure wouldn’t mind during these cold winter months.

The Hungry Blogger
January is National Soup Month
Bread Baking Month

Healthy and Hale
Fat Free Living Month

Latte Talke
National Hot Tea Month
National Gourmet Coffee Month

Falling for Fall

Isn’t this one of the most adorable songs ever?

360 Blog
Put an End to Child Marriages

Working and Parenting
November is Family Stories Month
Set Those Clocks Back and Enjoy the Fall

Parenting Report
November is International Percussion Month

Healthy and Hale
Keep Lung Cancer at Bay

Living to Do
Write a Novel

The Hungry Blogger
National Peanut Butter Lovers Month

Campus Report
National Scholarship Month Checklist

That Blank, Open-Mouthed, Glazed Expression…

pastaWhile I’d like to think I’ll never do it, today the fleeting thought (albeit while I was half asleep) passed through my brain… Would you ever put a television in your child’s room? Why or why not?

Parenting Report
Would You Put a TV in Your Kid’s Room?

360 Blog
Is it Better to Give Time or Money?

Air Force Talk
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Leaves Women Unemployed

Working and Parenting
How Do You Define Quality Time?
October is National Eat Better and Eat Together Month

The Hungry Blogger
October is National Pasta Month