Things I Love Thursday

Some things I’m loving this week are…

Krista Tippet’s On Being podcast. It’s been suggested to me by a few people and I finally made time to listen to it and it’s food for my heart.

meeting deadlines on time

rare moments of mental clarity. It’s in short supply this year, and at least there’s a known cause for it–and at least I’m not alone.

fall planner stickers (and the cool Death’s head hawkmoth washi tape my husband found)

Bruce Springsteen on repeat

neighbors who care

Villainous Wax making my house smell so deliciously in season

making socially distant plans for fall. We’re talking graveyards! Spooky sightings (the three of us only)! Apple and pumpkin picking (maybe)! The drive-in (we still have our Groupon from spring)! All the fun!

Wood Sprite’s creative writing class, which has the kid SO interested and inspired! All it takes is an interesting, engaging teacher (who’s also not mom)! The kid is full of ideas and stories and I’m here for it.

more online resources than you can shake a stick at. Seriously, I wish my brain could just process it all while I get things done (or vice versa!).

my dogs being safe and sound after they got out of the yard and disappeared for four hours on Tuesday night! We were just about sick to our stomachs worrying. Both had scraped up paw pads and must’ve ran for a long time, and I had just remarked that they had to be bored with me working all day and Wood Sprite in classes. Yep! They’d been bored, all right! I wish they could tell me where they went. I’m just glad they’re home.

running errands with my guy. We don’t even get out of the car much but it’s nice.

Not Back to School Ice Cream Day! It’s an annual tradition and this year we’re going to Andy’s for the first time.

The Outsider, although I hated a LOT of the changes at the end of the series (I loved many of the earlier changes). I get some of them were to encourage another season, which I really don’t think is necessary. That said, I’d love to see Holly have her own series.

playing goofy games together, like Name That Tune

the library, as ever

What are you loving this week?


The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

re-watching Chilling Adventures of Sabrina while working

loving one of our local coffee shops and trying to give them as much business as we can. As I told a friend yesterday, Toasted is the reason we have the phrase “hidden gem.”

feeling super impressed with the library’s summer reading prizes this year! From a taco-shaped pinata full of candy to bags, crafts, goodies and books galore, they went all out to cheer up the kids this year.

tempted by way too many Outschool classes for my kid

loving my new slippers

making a really fun BUH BYE SUMMER spread in my journal (and a sorry summer’s over gift for my aunt; the only thing I am sad about when August comes to an end is that she’s sad that summer’s almost over)

cleaning up dog hair every day. By the time it all falls out, they’re going to start growing new coats for winter! Gah! I wish it would all just fall out in June. This is why some people get their dogs groomed. They’re not long-haired dogs but one of them has a coat that gets thick!

hustling this week! I want to get this book DONE and bring some Halloween delight to people!

still getting used to Indy’s night shift. Sleep schedules are very weird at the moment.

loving some sugar-free treats from a new vendor at our farmer’s market

playing a fun game where I wave excitedly at people I see while I’m out and wearing my mask. They get excited and wave back and it feels like sharing pure joy.

wearing Matilda and smelling sweet and awesome

strategically planning some fall shopping. So many indies have cool fall stuff this weekend! Fortune Cookie Soap’s “As You Wish” collection, based on Princess Bride, is coming Friday, as is a Laughing Crow candle restock. Villainous Wax’s Witcher box is shipping and their Cryptid box is for sale until September 1. On August 29, Britta’s Creepy Treasures will restock with lots of fall wax scents, on the 30th Haus of Gloi is launching their first round of fall scents and on August 31, Serpent & Flame will launch their Witchy AF preorder featuring witchy candles, tea, mugs and more! So you see the problem in selecting one to buy from…!

What are you up to this week?