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The Tuesday Currents

We welcomed these two fluffy babehs into our home this month! Okay, they’re not really babies, but they might as well be, right? Wood Sprite carries them around all day. One seems to even have a favorite peeing spot on the couch…!


Rocking out to… Def Leppard.

Drinking… coffee

Writing… the usual suspects

Reading… Games for Math, The Gunslinger

Watching… The Goonies, Kubo

Planning… A trip to adjust Wood Sprite’s new braces. 😦  Poor thing. She just got them. Also, a date, game night, co-op classes, mom’s night, working with my parents to help them move, house fixer-upping and cleaning, work schedules, GISHWHES, All The Things.

Wanting… To get my house in order! From general chaos to lots of boxes of books (someone generously donated to our co-op!) to my 4-H group’s projects to furniture coming and going from three different places, my physical world is in such a disarray and it’s got me feeling so scattered.