The Tuesday Currents

This week I’m…

using a new ice cream bucket for our daily compost runs in my new bin. It’s the little things that make life easier!

reading all night and loving it! Oh, I wish I could every night! I didn’t even love the books (Magic in the Wind and Naked in Death) but it felt like getting back inside my own skin for a little while.

creating a new binder (9th grade is officially here tomorrow!) and lesson book for the year

trying to figure out classes for the rest of the year

celebrating Pride at home with the kid. So far, painted rainbow figures and a rainbow tree to come soon!

writing so hard I had to trim a nail. It was just getting in the way! Lots of plot bunnies lately, too.

helping Wood Sprite navigate teen stuff

watching cats face plant in their sleep (Gizmo is right now as I write this!)

loving my new bee house

still loving the library’s curbside service!

drinking all the tea and coffee while I fast, which is super easy again after just one day of struggling. Why do I ever stop doing this? Oh yeah, because food is fun.

not digging today’s sample perfume (Carnival of Ghosts from Black Baccara, which makes me smell like anise, ew) but LOVING yesterday’s, which was Hexennacht’s Mophine

What are you up to?


Things I Love Thursday

This week I’m loving…

my garden. When I finally remembered to bring my phone to take a picture, it was this small! That box is mostly green now.

spooky journal aesthetics

virus protection (also, masks and people who wear them)

making healthy choices, even though I’m not loving how it feels today. At ALL. But I will love how it feels by next week.

romantic reads, which are helping (a little) with my anxiety. Sleep helps more.


online art classes

understanding friends

modern tech and tools

nighttime showers in the dark, with candles

new moon chalking with my kid and lightning bugs (no, we didn’t use them, but they provided ambiance)

cinnamon coffee

Indy getting work

Wood Sprite finally enjoying math

having way too many books to read

trusting my gut

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

spending time with my plants when I’m feeling down

taking extra magnesium for the same reason. Seriously, my SAD kicks in during the summer, and not having central air anymore, in addition to social distancing, has exacerbated it

visiting with friends (more than 6 feet apart, with masks, outside) and appreciating them so, so much

swatting spiders away from my desk

burning a lovely Serpent & Flame candle

navigating some tough teen waters and Indy’s sudden straight 12-hour-shifts

calling out racism

watching The Boss

reading Get a Life, Chloe Brown, Stamped From the Beginning and P.S. I Like You

not sleeping much

transitioning to high school, the annual new binder and lesson planner, the works

and not having time for much else, between homeschooling and work

What are you up to?