Pitbulls, Turtles, and Whales

Lots of ways to take action for the animals today:

Pitbull News
Stop Banning Pit Bulls

Today’s Special
Happy Arbor Day!

Whale City
President Obama, Please Don’t Kill the Whales

Turtle City
Sea Turtles Killed by Fisheries

Vegetarian Talk
Is it Teaching, Force-Feeding, or Necessary?

Healthy and Hale
Sign the Breast Cancer Petition

Campus Report
Humane Society University

Pro-Choice Voters
Help Pass the Global Sexual and Reproductive Health Act

Tree Worshipper
Teens Turning Green


Bushmeat, Pink Meat, No Meat

Several new blogs I haven’t written on before, plus ways to take action against illegal bushmeat and other issues follow.

360 Blog
Stop the Bushmeat Trade, Racial Profiling, More

Health Food Talk
Really, KFC?

Hydrocodone Zone
This Week in Hydrocodone News

Nirvana Music
About a Boy Does Disservice to Cobain’s Memory

Blame Gamer
Get Off Your High Horse

Blame Gamer
Get Off Your High Horse, Part 2

Meat Report
Green Your Diet for the Planet

All About Juice Fasting

Or a brief introduction to it, at least!  🙂

What is Juice Fasting?
How Do I Choose the Best Diaper Rash Ointment?
What Does a Catastrophe Adjuster Do?
What is a Takuan?
What are the Different Types of Upper Body Stretches?
What is Vegan Chicken?
What is an Indoor Air Purifier?
What are the Different Types of Elbow Stretches?

Poem in Your Pocket Day is Coming!

No, it’s not a sexual euphemism (though I think if you had a poem in your pocket, you could still be happy to see someone…). It’s a holiday dedicated to sharing your favorite poems with people. Discover a few creative ways to do just that below and come up with your own!

Poetry Talk
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?

Dentist Report
Tips for Stopping Desk Eating

360 Blog
Act Against Deadly Chemicals, Save Children

Parenting Report
“Martyr” Does Not Equal “Great Mom”

No, I Didn’t Really Care for Avatar

Shocking, I know! It simply wasn’t original. Cool graphics, sure, but other than that, the same old recycled story. Now if some of the following ideas had been in it…

The Movie Center
No Award for Avatar? No Surprise Here

Parenting Report
Early Ethics and Buggy Blues

Dessert Report
Get Nearly Free Ice Cream!

Today’s Special
Workers’ Memorial Day

Dance Talk
Celebrate International Dance Day

Wear Orange for the Animals

And be sure to support people at risk for getting infected with malaria!

Health Food Talk
Bring on the Obesity with Chocolate Formula!

360 Blog
World Malaria Day: Do Something About It

Internet Job Market
An Oldie But Goodie

Today’s Special
Go Orange for the Animals

And here are a few more Creative Copy Challenge entries…


Finally, if you want to read my last few NaPoWriMo poems, you’ll have to check them out at (and join?) the In a Sentence Challenge at Facebook. 🙂

Vasectomy Risks, Apnea, & Ramsons

Here’s some information about several odds and ends of interest.

What are the Different Types of Vasectomy Risks?
What is Astragalus Tea?
What are Ramsons?
What is Apnea?
What is Benzoin Gum?
What is Comfrey Tea?
What is a DVR Surveillance System?
What is a Balance Block?
What is Angelica Extract?

Peace Begins with Me

I’d love to hear this as a personal motto more often! The wonderful picture book Skin Again might help give more children just that idea, among other things.

Peace Report
Skin Again

Cook Book Club
Honest Pretzels

Pagan Journey
10 Things to Do for Beltane

Pro-Choice Voters
Pro-Choice? Pro-Life? Let’s Work Together

Hey World, What You Say?

I used to think that just about anything important could be summed up with a Beatles lyric. Now, I think the same can be said for anything by Michael Franti.

Tree Worshiper
Every Day is Earth Day

Parenting Report
Silly Mommy Stories

Tree Worshipper
7 Quick Things You Can Do Right Now to Really Help the Planet

Peace Report
Money Isn’t Edible

Nursing Job Market
These Nurses Don’t Mess Around

Free Natural Child Guide Giveaway for May!

I’m a big fan of Little Acorn Learning. In fact, I’m saving up to purchase all of their childcare guides, which are inspiring, insightful, and a lot of fun. That’s why I’m so excited about their latest giveaway–a chance to win May’s guide for free! These guides are so wonderful. I downloaded a sample one for March from their website and am just in love with it, from the songs to the reading guides to the recipes and more.

To enter for a chance to win a free month’s guide, please click here!