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ADHD Drugs for Every Child!

It seems that when it comes to drugging children, many doctors are quite shameless.

Hydrocodone Zone
More ADHD Drugs! Drugs for Every Preschooler!

League of Energy Self-Sufficiency Voters
Traffic Fumes May Cause Autism and Brain Damage

That 70s Blog
70s Hits Offer a Wider Range Than Today’s Chart Toppers

Blessing Bags & School-less Fridays

many worry over what’s at stake when schools can only operate four days a week, I think it could be the biggest blessing that many families receive this year.

School Fest
No Friday School for Schools in South Dakota

Hydrocodone Zone
Google: America’s Most Notorious Drug Dealer

360 Blog
Make a Blessing Bag

Morpheme Addict
Word of the Week: Rubbernecker

Horror Book Club
Do We Really Need Another Movie That Glorifies Rape?

Zombie Disease Related to Cocaine Use

The awful disease that’s causing people’s flesh to rot is being attributed to animal de-worming agents used to cut cocaine.

Hydrocodone Zone
Flesh-Eating Disease Likely Attributed to Cocaine

Tell Arkansas Paper to Apologize

Green Voters League
Step Out of the Box When You Buy

Chicago Sports Insider
The Lure of the Game

Living to Do
Do It Anyway

Poetry Talk
Mash Up Some Poetry with Magnets, Wordle

Pro-Choice Voters
Forced Sterilization in America

Subway Says Hate Your Body

Hard up for material much, Subway? Personally I think your product tastes pretty good, but if you’re so insecure about it that you have to use self-hatred to sell it, maybe it’s not worth my five bucks.

Restaurant Talk
Way to Sell Self-Hatred, Subway

Hydrocodone Zone
Hydrocodone, Codeine Overprescribed to Children

Medical Job Market
Healthcare, Info Tech Jobs High in Demand

New Baby Gifts
Gender Cake Parties

Objectors US
25 Facts About Rape

Death in the Aisle
Supernatural Renewed for 7th Season

Columbus Job Market
Columbus College Kids Cheat, Hope to Get Ahead

Peace Report
Defend Glee‘s “Born This Way”

Bushmeat, Pink Meat, No Meat

Several new blogs I haven’t written on before, plus ways to take action against illegal bushmeat and other issues follow.

360 Blog
Stop the Bushmeat Trade, Racial Profiling, More

Health Food Talk
Really, KFC?

Hydrocodone Zone
This Week in Hydrocodone News

Nirvana Music
About a Boy Does Disservice to Cobain’s Memory

Blame Gamer
Get Off Your High Horse

Blame Gamer
Get Off Your High Horse, Part 2

Meat Report
Green Your Diet for the Planet