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Who Should Play Beetee?

My pick will probably surprise you.

PG Movies
Who Should Play Beetee?

League of Anti-Carcinogenic Voters
Fun Foods to Eat That Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Objectors US
Fancy a Strip Search?

Poetry Talk
Challenge Yourself This NaPoMo

League of Education Funding Voters
More Homework Supposedly Equals Better School Results

Zombie Disease Related to Cocaine Use

The awful disease that’s causing people’s flesh to rot is being attributed to animal de-worming agents used to cut cocaine.

Hydrocodone Zone
Flesh-Eating Disease Likely Attributed to Cocaine

Tell Arkansas Paper to Apologize

Green Voters League
Step Out of the Box When You Buy

Chicago Sports Insider
The Lure of the Game

Living to Do
Do It Anyway

Poetry Talk
Mash Up Some Poetry with Magnets, Wordle

Pro-Choice Voters
Forced Sterilization in America

The Dangers of a Gas Stove

Our gas stove has always made me nervous, and after reading a few facts about gas products I’m even more scared of the thing. Hopefully these safety tips will help anyone who needs them as well as yours truly!

Gadgetry Report
The Scary Truth About Gas Stoves

Healthy Recovery
Be Bold, Be Bald!

Toxic Waste Cloud
4-ish Reasons to Like James Cameron

Tantric Info
Pole Dancing: Every Little Girl’s Dream

Single Mother Talk
Jump Houses: THE Source for Your Child’s Daily Lead Allowance!

I’m also shooting to take part in the Creative Copy Challenge, In a Sentence, AND 100 Words again starting this week! I miss the first two terribly (the third is new to me, introduced by Aless) but have just been strapped for time all summer. Seeing as I’ll probably always be crazy busy, I thought why not try and take part when I can for a bit of joy?

Creative Copy Challenge
#70, on mythical conflicts
#69, on potential proposals

100 Words
End of Summer 2010 Entry

I Heart Taylor

No, no, not that Taylor from Twilight! Taylor Mali, the amazing teacher/poet.

Poetry Talk
Taylor Mali is a Poetic Inspiration

360 Blog
Save Iranian Women From Being Stoned to Death

Cosmetic Report
Fun Soap Rocks Make a Great Gift

Parenting Report
Scooby Dooby Doo, You’ve Got Some Kids to Scare Now

Fashion Gallery
Feeling Stalked? It’s Probably Just Your Clothes

Picture Books and Ancient Ways

Though most of these topics are fun, one is quite serious. If you or a friend is suffering from an eating disorder, please seek out help immediately. The Helpline for the National Eating Disorders Association can be reached at 1-800-931-2237.

Parenting Report
Benefits of Hidden Picture Books

Pagan Journey
Book Review: Ancient Ways

Poetry Talk
Challenge Yourself

Healthy Recovery
Beyond Ana and Mia

Poem in Your Pocket Day is Coming!

No, it’s not a sexual euphemism (though I think if you had a poem in your pocket, you could still be happy to see someone…). It’s a holiday dedicated to sharing your favorite poems with people. Discover a few creative ways to do just that below and come up with your own!

Poetry Talk
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?

Dentist Report
Tips for Stopping Desk Eating

360 Blog
Act Against Deadly Chemicals, Save Children

Parenting Report
“Martyr” Does Not Equal “Great Mom”

Prepare Thy Quill

(And get your head out of the gutter!) It’s officially National Poetry Writing Month (among other things)! Have you started writing yet? If not, you might find some of the tips below helpful.

Poetry Talk
Break Out Your Quills for NaPoWriMo

Living to Do
Go Ahead, Grow Those Nails

The Movie Center
How to Train Your Dragon: An Amazing Animated Film

Animal Report
Save the Spirit Bear

The Green Voter’s League
Call on Congress for Healthy Food

Creative Copy Challenge #28 is up, too!

Also, did anyone pull off any stellar Apirl Fool’s Jokes? I tried convincing my husband that there was a raccoon in the kitchen while he was at work; it didn’t work, but I’ll get him next year! As for our daughter, we’re planning a surprise ice cream run after we put her to bed.