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A Night at the Store

…can be as enlightening as any field trip!

Education News Network
A Night At Your Local Store

Toy Specialties
Where are the Merida Toys?

Nature Report
Tornado Drills are a Joke

Dance Talk
Will You Watch Glee This Season?

Cool Animal Blog
Animal Water Source

Dapper Dog Blog
Alternate Uses for Dog Products

Stop Bear Bile Farming

Read the tragic story of a mother bear and her cub below, then take action to stop this violent practice.

Animal Fest
Mother Bear Kills Cub, Commits Suicide to Avoid Torture

Adventure Book Club
Who Should Play Finnick and Johanna?

Healthcare Job Market
Doctors Advise How to Discuss Having an STD

Dance Talk
Way to Conform, Ryan Murphy

Parenting Report
Don’t Put Your Parenting Assumptions on Me!

Denver Music
Song of the Day: “Pour Some Sugar on Me”

Bachman’s “Homeschool Army” Doesn’t Represent All of Us

So please, if you would, stop maintaining that it does.

Bachmann Sucks
Michelle Bachmann’s Homeschool Army is Out to Get Us!

Freaky Phenomena
What’s the Big Deal About Inception?

Dance Talk
Glee Project: Cameron Must Go

New Baby Gifts
What Do You Miss Most About Pre-Parenthood?

360 Blog
July Love Drop

AA Talk
Drinking Alcohol Can Make it Harder to Lose Weight

Politics Report
Argentina Bans Sexual Ads

Skating with Ewoks

Fellow sci-fi fans, come celebrate!

Today’s Special
10 Ways to Celebrate Science Fiction Day

Dance Talk
Get Some Skating in This Month

Flowers World
January is National Mail Order Gardening Month

Fantasy Book Club
Happy Tolkien Day!

Creative Copy Challenges!
Challenge 15, on merpirates (Yeah, new to me, too! No idea where that came from.)
Challenge 16, on conflicting plans

No, I Didn’t Really Care for Avatar

Shocking, I know! It simply wasn’t original. Cool graphics, sure, but other than that, the same old recycled story. Now if some of the following ideas had been in it…

The Movie Center
No Award for Avatar? No Surprise Here

Parenting Report
Early Ethics and Buggy Blues

Dessert Report
Get Nearly Free Ice Cream!

Today’s Special
Workers’ Memorial Day

Dance Talk
Celebrate International Dance Day