Making a Difference

There’s an opportunity every day. All you have to do is seize it.

League of Gay Voters
Walking the Talk

Blue Voters League
Blue Team Go!

Homophobic Voters
Oh, You’re Tired of Hearing About Chick-Fil-A?

Honolulu Book Club
Catching Fire News

Red Voters
Lil’ Bit ‘o Hillbilly

Cat Report
Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go

League of Right to Bear Arms Voters
Gun Regulation? Yes, Please

Science Report
Spiders Say No Means No

Take Action for Animals, Environment, More

Click through these articles for several easy web-based actions to take for important causes.

League of Green Voters
Take Action for Animals and the Environment

Boston City Talk
Way to Go, Boston!

League of Women’s Health Voters
Fight Violence and Injustice

Green Voters League
Act for a Clean Planet

Economy Voters
Arrest Bankers, Help Citizens

Household Talk
Proof That the Law of Attraction Works

House Report
House Buying Advice

Gorillas and Green Schools

In other words, news I like to share!

Cool Animal Blog
Baby Gorillas Baffle Poachers

E Daily
A Green School is Born

Meat Talk
Buying Pork From Wal-Mart

Energy Self-Sufficiency Voters League
Rhode Island Teen Helps Homeless by Recycling Oil

San Francisco Journey
Good News for Whales

Delaware Single
Go on a Wonder Walk

Space Report
Rest in Peace, Sally Ride

Is it hot enough for you?

Where I live in the Midwest, we haven’t had rain in weeks. Our garden is pretty much kaput. And it’s make us wonder some things, like the status of an energy policy from the current administration…

Letter to Senators
Pass a Sustainable Energy Policy

Great Experience
Cool News to Share

League of Children’s Services Voters
Hunger Action Friday and More

League of Blue Voters
Blue State Blues

League of City Voters
Hans Zimmer Song to Benefit Colorado Shooting Victims

Miami Book Club
Goodnight Goon

Farm Subsidy Voters
Urban Gardening Could Save Us All

Daily Deals This Week

eShopper Forum
Longhorn Steakhouse: Free Appetizer
Lucky Vitamin: $10 for $20 of Wellness Products
Tanda Zap Acne Treatment: Save 51%
Souper Salad: Unlimited Buffet for $5.49
Pet Play Pen: Save 69%
HP Pavilion: 27% Off Laptops
Las Vegas: $39 Package Deal
Hobby Lobby: Save 40%
LCD-HDTV: Save $100
Aquafresh Kids: FREE Toothpaste at Target

Muppets Cut Ties with Chick-Fil-A

Go Muppets! I’m SO with you, Miss Piggy.

Homophobic Voters
Muppets Sever Ties with Chick-Fil-A

Los Angeles Book Club
Dark Places

Hunting Voters League
And the Gun Nuts Go Wild

Exercise Report
Walking Workout Tips

Homophobic Voters League
What Supporting Chick-Fil-A Does

HIV Talk
Stand for Human Health and Rights

Health Care Voters League
Disturbing News You’ll Want to Know About