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Muppets Cut Ties with Chick-Fil-A

Go Muppets! I’m SO with you, Miss Piggy.

Homophobic Voters
Muppets Sever Ties with Chick-Fil-A

Los Angeles Book Club
Dark Places

Hunting Voters League
And the Gun Nuts Go Wild

Exercise Report
Walking Workout Tips

Homophobic Voters League
What Supporting Chick-Fil-A Does

HIV Talk
Stand for Human Health and Rights

Health Care Voters League
Disturbing News You’ll Want to Know About

Teen Films, Target, and Textbooks

Some news and movie reviews this week include…

PG Movies
Snow White and the Huntsman

That Gay Blog
Has Target Finally Hit the Target?

Educational Book Club
Evolution Hooey!

Health Care Voters League
ADD: I Don’t Buy It

Gay Single
Non-Duo Hetero Marriages That Exist

Seafood Info
Have Humans Ever Been Aquatic People?

Science Report
Real Mermaids!

Ready for Halloween?

Here are some tips to get your home Halloween-ready.

Halloween Talk
Get Your House Halloween Ready

Health Care Voters League
New Study Shows Vaccine May Be Linked to Autism

Barbie Six-Word Memoir Project

Anti-Cancer Voters League
Big Chem Companies are More Important Than American Health

Working and Parenting
More Girl Stuff vs. Boy Stuff