Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Or tell someone to go fly one. You know, whichever mood you’re in.

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Things I Love Thursday

Here are a few things I’m loving this week.

a clean house

Friday fish

cough drops

full class turnouts

hosting classes I don’t have to teach (especially when the teachers are fabulous)


tea (I think I write about loving tea or coffee every week, don’t I? They truly are my best friends)


The quote, “Do not cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it,” by Patrina D. Freeman. It’s so obvious but how many of us waste time for that very reason?

Wood Sprite’s commentary on The Great Migration. They should hire my kid to do these voice overs. I laughed so hard I cried–and coughed a lot.

Indy getting his tooth infection diagnosed. Now to get the root canal, crown and bill…

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I just sneezed so hard my esophagus hit the screen, ricochet off and flew back down my throat. I’m miserable and a happy spring to you, too! What else am I up to this week…

drinking All The Tea. And this week it’s got honey because honey, I am miserable. Echinacea, lemon, Throat Coat and even some Earl Grey as a creature comfort, it’s all going down the gullet by the hour.

attempting to sleep and failing miserably. This allergy purgatory started last Thursday night when the weather started to get gorgeous and has only gotten worse. My Flonase usually prevents this but I haven’t been as good about taking it as I normally am, and there’s the fact that this always happens at some level when the weather changes significantly. My snot’s a much better barometer of spring than a groundhog. Most people look forward to spring; I’m not one of those people and this is the primary reason why.

watching Jumanji a million times with Wood Sprite. Also saw The Spy Who Dumped Me and The Great Migration, neither of which were enjoyed.

reading In An Absent Dream, Captain Marvel comics and Heir of Fire. Sprite and I are still reading Ready Player One and Pygmalion for her classes, plus Bayou Magic and Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls for fun. We’re also reading, as usual, another 30-odd books either daily or every other day as a part of our homeschooling.

writing way too slowly because my head is filled with cotton and bees, and my ears and throat are so itchy I’m tempted to wrangle a coat hanger around in there

What are you up to this week?