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The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

listening to these fun #1 song clips

adding way too many books to my TBR

finishing another class for work. That makes 83 hours for the year so far.

trying to spend time with my family on their schedules, which makes me more tired on my own

coping with the aforementioned tiredness by trying to keep my monkey brain occupied with stickers, trivia videos, and new-to-me playlists

considering a good, long tech break. Or something regular on Sundays. That seems super helpful.

making plans to celebrate some family birthdays this month

incorporating a few tiktoks into lesson plans. Check out Drag Math, it is the best.

reading comics, a spicy dragon book, some queer graphic novels, some books about emotional healing and depression, and books for my book clubs. I’m 39 books ahead on my Goodreads list for the year, which has to be a record for me, especially in recent years.

trying to hack our schedules into something more towards “enjoyable” and less “unbearable,” which is extra this week with Indy working OT

rescheduling more stuff due to these schedule changes

good crying and bad crying (maybe all crying is good? I think after a good cry I feel like what petrichor smells like) and reassuring poor Gizmo, who comes running, not knowing which is which. She’s the sweetest little cat cow ever.

stomping like Rumplestiltskin as I make myself do the little healthy things. What do you think he was going to do with that baby, anyway? I think he was going to train them to be an assistant in his lifelong dream of running Europe’s most ethereal magic show. Bummer. Sorry about that, bud.

obviously thinking about finishing my spicy circus book

watching The Last of Us with Indy. (That means watching as many episodes as possible once every two weeks, which is how often we have time for TV together.) When he’s not home and I want background noise under than my 8,793 playlists, I’ve either got Studio Ghibli classics or Practical Magic on repeat lately.

loving my new calm strips, courtesy of a support group

having fun discussions with my supervisor. I’m already a fan, and recently they defined my mind as an “avid learner collector brain,” which was like a pixie stick-laced dopamine sundae for said brain.

What are you up to this week?


Reparations Friday

πŸ–€πŸ–€It’s Reparations Friday, y’all! All of these needs continue to be urgent so please plug in where you can:πŸ–€πŸ–€

βš•οΈ Bookie has made some amazing progress in her cancer recovery, is fighting, and she still needs our support. Help with her recovery here:

πŸ’° Portia is looking for a new source of income, so let’s help out here:

🏠 Q can use some help with rent while waiting for a housing voucher (put “Q rent” in the notes):

πŸš’ A family is rebuilding their lives after suffering a horrible loss in a fire. Let’s help make them whole again.

Reparations Friday

It’s Reparations Friday! Has your tax refund come in? How are you factoring in reparations into how you will use that refund?

Here are the needs, same as last week, including some more details on Bookie’s needs:

βš•οΈ Bookie’s cancer recovery (still need 2-3 more folks for a team to help research/contact resources for her!)

πŸ’° Portia as recently forced out of her job and is now without an income. She needs us pulling for her now.

πŸ’œ RR General Fund for meeting monthly reparations commitments to assistees and funding for emergency housing

Reparations Friday

Happy Women’s History Month! It’s a wonderful time to start a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly ritual of reparations to celebrate Black MaGes. Here are some needs at Reparations Roundtable this week. Feel free to join in a campaign, contribute to the General Fund, or both!

βš•οΈ Bookie’s cancer recovery

πŸ’° Portia as recently forced out of her job and is now without an income. She needs us pulling for her now.

πŸ’œ RR General Fund for meeting monthly reparations commitments to assistees and funding for emergency housing

Things I Love Thursday

It’s something I say a few times a year, and I know it’s still true: the times I’m feeling less grateful are the times when writing this list seems to be the most helpful and important. So a few things I’m loving this week include…

listening to music mixes between family members

planning a night with my mom and sisters

great news in the mail

Indy texting me encouraging stuff

how I feel after showering, which I seem to forget to do a lot lately

hard work paying off

The Teen’s big hugs

how my planner is withstanding so. Much. Whiteout.

peach energy drinks, which help make up for the lack of sleep

when the tap water turns warm

my pain medicine

white noise

Ursula the Sea Witch

Gizmo’s comforting warmth on the back of my chair

paring down my to-do list (and trying to get comfortable with blank spaces)

my dogs

my cats

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

Tomorrow is March, and it feels like February just arrived not only because it passed quickly, but because I was in a haze of The Big Sad the whole time. Sleep helps when I can get it, which tends to be once or twice a week since Indy’s working while I’m sleeping and vice versa again. Folks are looking forward to spring, and I’m happy for y’all… but I sure miss the winter it feels like never came.

I’m currently…

lamenting, obvi

missing out on All the Things, finding rides for the kiddo, canceling and rescheduling… all of the usual messy misery that happens when they do this to his shift

worrying about… everything

reading After Hours on Milagro Street, Witchy, Wash Day Diaries

squeezing in time with Indy when I can, which is not often, especially with our errand availability cut in half with the new schedule. Most things aren’t open as late as they were the last time this happened.

watching deer out the window

listening to On Being, Feminist Survival Guide, and a few other podcasts

having All the Heartburn, which is All the Sad’s cousin

honestly just trying to feel better

what are you up to this week?