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Jumbo Frogs

What’s the biggest frog you’ve ever seen?

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Should we ban cat declawing?

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Spooky Crafties

We’re off to pick pumpkins and have a bunch of teenagers over for a Halloween party, but we need ideas for cheap, easy and cool teen Halloween crafts for an activity next week! What are you making this week?

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Things I Love Thursday

Here are a few things I’m loving this week.

Geeky offerings at the library, like Tuesday’s Doctor Who crafts

Volunteering at the food pantry with friends

Dates with Indy

Laughing and learning with Wood Sprite

A Fortune Cookie Soap Halloween box I scored from a BST group

Wood Sprite’s awesome comic class

Fireworks being over, or at least winding down. They drive my pets nuts.

How about you? What are you loving this week?

Things I Love Thursday

Some things I’m loving this week include…

dates with Indy. We had two really nice walks this week.

carpooling with friends

Fortune Cookie Soap whipped cream samples

having a husband who can make the repairs our car needs to pass inspection

the rising support for the LGBTQ community and how little tolerance people have for bigotry. Even when we still find ourselves having to explain that enforcing basic human decency isn’t “policing someone’s beliefs,” it does seem like more people are accepting of gender and sexual fluidity than in the past. When I find myself having to mod hate spread by people in groups that they justify by their “beliefs,” which apparently trump others’ rights to exist, I do find more people vocal about not supporting those “beliefs” willing to speak up than I used to see.

my kid’s incredible creativity and humor

two new hens! Both are golden-laced Orpingtons and their names are Winnie and Matilda.

family time. Indy doesn’t have much overtime this year, which we are definitely feeling, but it’s nice to have him around more often, too.

Wood Sprite feeling better after getting sick at a library program earlier in the week

summer library programs

What are you loving this week?