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National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest Open For Submissions

Are you submitting any nature photos this time around?

Animal Report
National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest Open For Submissions

Politics Report
2022 AFL-CIO Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil and Human Rights Conference

Poison of Choice
Happy Hot Tea Day!

Good Drinking
It’s National Hot Tea Month!

Dessert Report
Great Dessert Teas for National Tea Month

Real Book
Which YA Book Are You Excited About?

The Tuesday Currents

How is it the second Tuesday of 2022 already? Y’all… I don’t even have my Christmas decorations put away yet. I don’t even mind. Rainbow lights and glittery tinsel through mid-January? Why not?

I’m currently…

writing about holidays, new books, binders and more

organizing online meetups for teenagers. Meeting up with vaccinated friends, masked and all, almost seems like a teaser at this point. This stuff is hard for all of us but my heart aches for them especially.

attending online meetings, classes and events–this week’s most notable are from the Department of Conservation. I even set one up for us to try while my niece is here later in the week!

figuring out birthday celebrations from a distance… again

adding new helpline shifts, 4-H meetings, co-op events and other 2022 dates to the calendar and hoping the kids will be able to be in person more often than not again soon

prepping co-op lessons

dealing with not one but two potential hacks from friends who were hacked. Come on, hackers, there are so many better things y’all ought to be working on…

planning online classes for The Teen this semester

attempting to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I may have done it for the first time in my life today! You bet I drew a little gold star next to those tick marks.

doing the annual January reset and monthly welcome (even though I’m not yet finished with 2021’s annual review…)

walking while listening to podcasts. I love Come to Your Senses right now.

playing with shirataki noodles and jalapeno cheese (and maybe just a hint of Tajin)

catching up lesson plans

marveling at a rare truce between Gizmo The Sloppy Cuddler and Sally, Mother of Dragons

learning how to make a slidedeck for one of my favorite places to volunteer

burning a Mr. Rogers-themed candle and remembering him fondly. Graham crackers and milk with my kind friend Fred while the adults worked or slept was a comforting way to start my earliest days!

promoting my new book, which is really a re-release of my first book with a new cover! Adults only!

trying to remember a bunch of my author passwords and places for promo that are all saved on the old laptop

watching My Spy with Indy

What are you up to?