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Things I Love Thursday

This week I’m loving…

Nighttime chats with Wood Sprite. We laugh so hard. This week we laughed the hardest spoofing Snakes on a Plane with things like “A Snake in the Toilet” and “Snake on a Scooter.” There were also Sharknado jokes.

Comedy in general.

Visiting with more BFFs! I’ve seen most of them this week.

Getting things done

2018 tech. I sure love things like snoozing emails, setting random alarms and map apps.

Being of service to people I love

History picture books, which are such a great jumping-off point into deeper books, documentaries and research projects.

The Lunar Chronicles! I just finished Scarlet, which was even better than Cinder.

My cute little pumpkin-shaped pumpkin pie bites

Saga… which is why I can’t bring myself to catch up on the series.

Jeopardy! is on Netflix!

What are you loving this week?