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Things I Love Thursday

In lieu of my usual TILT, I’m sharing some ways we can be Black allies and accomplices.

Educate yourself and your children/anyone you live with. Educate your family, friends and neighbors. Don’t give up and avoid the hard conversations. Here’s a very simple guide regarding how to do that with many of them but the more you read and research the better you’ll be at it. Call out the “All lives matter” crowd and explain why it’s wrong. Read anti-racist books.

Do these 75 things. Do one a day. Do more.

Put pressure on businesses that won’t support Black Lives Matter. Many are changing! Even if it’s because their bottom line, their cash inflow, is hurt, it’s still progress. They need to make real effort to learn and change. Apologies for being tone deaf or harmful should reflect this and, ideally, should also include reparations made in the process. Boycotts are WORKING but do make sure to TELL the business why you are boycotting and really follow through.

Participate in a Twitter storm. Right now I’m working with Reparations Roundtable to contact city council members and university presidents, asking for change in terms of how local police departments work and for schools to sever ties with PDs and help keep Black students safe, asking for these specific changes and for justice for Breonna Taylor. You can find many more actions on my Twitter account.

Join a rally, march or visibility event near you. Elevate Black voices and listen to Black leaders and organizers. Wear a face mask because there’s still a Covid-19 risk. If you can’t go take action online, donate and act online all you can. Follow Reparations Roundtable for actions and places to donate. We also have a Facebook group where you can take action.

There are so many more things we can do! Support Black-owned businesses, share posts by and follow Black voices on social media, google the hard questions and really dig deep into white supremacy because we’re all involved in it whether we like it or not and knowing that is the first step we have to take in dismantling it. Keep learning! Keep showing up! We can do this but it will take doing the work every day.