Things I Love Thursday

This week, I’m loving…

all the birthday wishes and fun. Can’t wait to spend a day with my parents and sisters next week!

Haus of Gloi’s Cozy Sweater. It’s THE scent of the season. I totally get why it’s their all-time bestseller.

cozy socks and sherpa on cold days

burning candles. All summer I prefer my oil diffuser or wax melts, and come fall and winter, BAM. I turn into Basic Sara who needs candles and lattes. I don’t even care. It makes me happy.

listening to Wood Sprite and Indy play video games together.

staying on top of Wood Sprite’s gifts for the holidays. To be honest, the kid is easy to please.

the snow. I would be lying if I said it’s not nudging me to put winter decorations up already. (No! I must resist until December 1…!)

my weird cats and their personalities

homemade sugar-free lattes (hot and iced!)

Wood Sprite’s interest in cassette tapes. Birthday money was spent on some blank ones that were then used to record off CDs… I kid you not. WS totally knows this is reverse evolution and just loves to use the walkman!

Prodigal Son

the gorgeous full moon, and having lots of fresh herbs for my moon bath, courtesy of my wonderful aunt

texting with my sisters each morning

the library, as ever. Every time I turn around they have new resources and impress me even more.

making our home more hygge and spooky (they’re not mutually exclusive!). I love decluttering, finding new homes for gently used items and enjoying clean spaces. Right now I’m dreaming of new wall colors, spooky wallpaper and creepy potion bottles that stay out well past Halloween.

What are you up to this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

playing catchup after being under the weather during the weekend… and by under the weather, I mean that there was no Sara, there was only Zuul, and no amount of Naproxen, heating pads, Stevie Nicks or dark chocolate could appease her.

so grateful Indy can fix anything. He just fixed Sophie up in a matter of hours and then our friend was in an accident and he went right over after work and helped straighten out the damage. I’m also in awe of how he can look at something and just know.

loving all the birthday texts I get from people I don’t know… at first. I’ve had to reset my outdated phone so often that I’ve only programmed a few numbers in it, so I got to play the guessing game yesterday to see who wrote what and it was really fun! Area codes definitely gave the out-of-state messages away, but local messages were harder to guess.

enjoying the fall scents in my house, which are due to a number of smelly good things, including some fresh herbs my aunt harvested for me over the weekend. I enjoyed labeling them and have used quite a few already, although not for culinary purposes!

chopping up Noke’s meds. You never know how teeny, tiny dosages can be until you have to measure them for a cat.

loving the pretty snow in November! What a nice birthday present. We got to stay home and be all hygge. Wood Sprite was thrilled about achieving a new level in a new game Indy bought and I made planner stickers galore, per my birthday tradition.

journeying deep, deep into the woods, which is another November ritual. The pages of my journal are practically warm from all of that feverish inking.

digging this week’s planner theme, which is a fun blue and pink dessert-y vibe.

so grateful for heat. I wish everyone had it at the moment. I’m also grateful that all of our classes were canceled yesterday so everyone could stay safe–and that my loved ones made it to where they needed to be and back again.

not enjoying my full moon fast, but making it work! Last night Indy made me stuffed jalapenos and rutabaga fries for my birthday dinner and I totally had too much. I forgot to eat on the birthday plate, though, so I’ll bring it with me to my birthday dinner with family next week. My mom’s even making keto cake!

watching Prodigal Son and feeling surprised at how addicted I am to it already

so in love with these

excited about Tuesday evenings freeing up soon, which means cheap movie days!

loving my birthday presents! My sister bought me a huge box of geeky candles and goodies, Wood Sprite made me a one-of-a-kind sand snake inspired by Beetlejuice, and Indy bought me a Winnie (Hocus Pocus) Funko Pop, two shirts (Slytherin tee and Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie) and some warm, fuzzy socks. I’m one content birthday girl. Birthday woman? What do you even say at this age?

hoarding laptop stickers for the laptop-to-be, which will be sometime this winter. My machine’s old and messing up, but I just hate researching and trying to pick a new one. Same goes for my phone.

What are you up to?