The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

reading Discount Armageddon (LOVE)

visiting with my sister and niece, the precocious little Mogwai who always manages to impress me!

getting rid of BOXES of books and cleaning out the laundry room in the process. An entire floor-to-ceiling bookshelf is empty!

writing all the words. This is the time of year when I sleep like the dead, which is such a welcome change–but it means that I’m much less productive and have to really stay on top of deadlines.

super excited about the Bones Coffee that’s supposed to be delivered in less than a week! Also excited about the Home Alone 12 Days of Christmas box coming from Fortune Cookie Soap! I’m honestly not sure if I’ll be able to wait and count them down every day.

drinking green tea

still dealing with tinnitus and it’s really irritating. Now I get why people say it’s so intrusive, even leading to depression. White noise helps, but I really enjoy my silent time each day and I haven’t had silence in over two weeks now. I really hope this heals soon.

finalizing sleepover plans for the weekend. Wood Sprite is looking forward to seeing holiday lights with a friend. This friend’s mom invited them a couple of weeks ago and I just love not having to plan every activity!

Indy’s birthday coming up! I’ve had a few presents delivered already (and I gave one away on accident!) and I love watching him try to figure out what they are.

watching Prodigal Son and Castle Rock (and listening to my sister remind me to catch up on How to Get Away with Murder so we can talk about it! Sorry, J!)

walking with weights and really starting to feel it. I’m the pickle jar master!

breaking all my nails on cleaning and decorating projects

getting super excited about Thanksgiving with my family and decorating for the holidays this weekend! We always decorate and watch Elf on December 1, which is the beginning of a month of holiday movies. Yeah, we skip when we need to, but with Indy’s new schedule we may watch most of the ones we have scheduled this year! We end with It’s a Wonderful Life on New Year’s Eve. We love to get a Lord of the Rings marathon in during this time of year, too, but we’ve decided to do that in January.

What are you up to this week?

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