Things I Love Thursday

The thing I am loving most right now is feeling BETTER! Yay! It’s such a relief. You really forget how happy and good it feels to be healthy when you are ill for a long time. I’m also loving…

A surprise birthday party for my aunt, which I wish I’d known about sooner (and been well for!) so I could have brought homemade treats or something. Still, it was so good to see her. I miss game nights during our summer hiatus! ~ Getting ahead at work early this week (only to get behind by now!) ~ A wonderful origami class and visit with other homeschool moms; we had SUCH a good time and the kids made some amazing art! ~ Being able to take my family out to dinner. We couldn’t really afford the splurge, but it’s been a long time and it was really nice. ~ Wood Sprite’s horse lesson (except for her getting BITTEN on accident while feeding a horse, which scared me senseless! I am so grateful that it is healing well.) ~ Visiting with my mom ~ Making fingerprint art today at the library with another fun homeschool family ~ A wonderful playdate with our BFFs, whom we haven’t seen since they left for vacation ~ Scheduling a date day for this weekend!


New IDEA Post

I have been meaning to write another post at IDEA for weeks, and I am so sorry that I keep forgetting since I’ve also lost about a dozen topics I’ve wanted to cover! Today I was thinking about how much our pets really enrich our lives, so that’s what I ended up writing about today.

IDEA: The Institute for Democratic Education in America
5 More Lessons Kids Can Learn From Pets

The Tuesday, er, Friday Currents

I saw a post formatted like this at CrazyBeautiful, one of my favorite blogs, and thought I would do something like it. Maybe I’ll do it on Tuesday next week like she does!


Listening to: Nick Cave, “O Children”

Eating: Honey wheat pretzels, my favorite snack when sick.

Drinking: Lots and lots of water. And liquid Mucinex. And hot tea with honey–that is, until I ran out of honey.

Reading: The Sisters Grimm: Council of Mirrors, books with Wood Sprite

Watching: Captain America, Jane and the Dragon, The Woman in Black, Mary and Max

Wearing: Purple t-shirt and my “pirate pants,” cut-off shorts I only wear at home!

Writing: Darkness Falls, blogs, correspondence, forum starters, daily deals

Thinking: About a lot of past regrets, which are usually instances in which I wish I’d stood up for what I believed in rather than meekly sat back. These often revisit me when I am sick and cannot sleep.

Feeling: Ugh. This cough is so hard it hurts my ribs, and I can’t lay down without drowning and wheezing and generally being uncomfortable…so I’ve been sitting up while I sleep. Not fun!

Wanting: To be well. To not miss Wood Sprite’s awesome and funny activities (I missed Science Club today). Shorts I can wear outside my house! A root beer is always nice, too.

Needing: Some decent sleep.

Enjoying: Having a husband who doesn’t mind emptying my puke bucket… And all of the awesome crops popping up in our garden!

Wondering: Where I put those library books… And if I have enough origami paper for next week’s class.

and, the Weather: Hot, hot, hot! It was 98 degrees today, which is NOT my kind of weather. At least I didn’t miss my beautiful 70s that we had earlier in the week.

Things I Love Thursday

I’m sick yet again (respiratory mostly), but this week I am loving…

Mucinex  *  everyone showing up at this week’s field trip!  *  babysitting two adorable little kiddos   *   Wood Sprite’s final Kindermusik class; she is so excited about starting the dulcimer next semester   *   Wood Sprite’s kindergarten graduation, which was so adorable and fun and yes, I cried, imagining her in ten years; I just cry every time she’s on a stage!   *   making sculptures with WS   *   finishing the season finales we were waiting for (though waiting for the next Grimm is going to be agony!)