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Create Your Own Life List

Rather than focusing on what you want or feel you need to accomplish, how about listing what you’ve already done so far for a change?

Living to Do
Create a Life List

Sex for Weight Loss

Working Mothers Blog
It’s So Easy to Judge Fast Food Families

League of Moms
Moms, Take Action!

League of Geothermal Voters
Take Action for Your Mother


How Crunchy!

The next word I want to add to my list of words to describe myself is definitely crunchy…

Living to Do
A Crunch-Worthy Bucket List

SF Sports Insider
People are Not Mascots

Chinese Singles
Sick of Valentine’s Day Already?

Short Hair
How to Rock Your Short Hair

Houston Single
Never Call Your Girl a Slut

Care to Be Brave?

Take the Be Brave challenge below throughout the month of February.

Living to Do
Do Something Brave This Month

Anti Cancer Voters League
Stand with Planned Parenthood

Anti Takings Voters
Eat, I Mean Tax, the Rich

Dietetic Products
I Don’t Want Your Dieting Advice

League of Homophobic Voters
One Million Moms Say, “Fire Ellen!”

Piano Lessons for Kids

Wood Sprite has been taking piano lessons for the past couple of months. She absolutely loves them, and here are a couple of tips we’ve been using to make her practice as kid-friendly as possible.

Classical Music Talk
Piano Lesson Tips for Children

Pro-Choice Voters
Need Plumbing Help?

Spanish Book Club
Wicked Spanish for the Traveler

Living To Do
Overcome an Irrational Fear

99+ Things to Do for 11/11/11

Not only is November 11 Veteran’s Day and my birthday; it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime date! Here are some cool ways to celebrate, as well as links that will take you to a few theories about the date.

Today’s Special
Friday is 11/11/11

Bachmann Sucks
Bachmann Tells Us Peasants to Eat Cake

Fashion Gallery
Way to Empower Girls, Coldwater Creek

Living to Do
It’s Not What It Is

Xbox Addict Dies of Blood Clot

As disturbing as this extreme story is, it shouldn’t set any precedents for worry as long as gamers maintain balance in their lives.

Arcade Games
Xbox Addict Dies of Blood Clot

Living to Do
Recap Your Best Moments

Cat Lady Talk
10 Reasons to Keep a Cat

Fair Trade Voters
Find Out Your Slavery Footprint