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The Tuesday Currents

During a GISHWHES video shoot, Wood Sprite’s mouse took a ride on one of her guinea pigs!


Reading… Paper Towns

Writing… The usual

Drinking… tea

Watching… Princess Mononoke.

Listening to… Kit Harrington sing “Wildling”

Planning… travel logistics, pet care, a vet visit, Scouts field trips, 4-H calendar for the year.

Wanting… to be able to Apparate!

Things I Love Thursday

Even the stuffed animals play in this house.

Fall is just around the corner, which generates both excitement and worry in my house. It’s our favorite season and we have a couple of road trips planned, but it’s also our busiest season with co-op and activities like Girl Scouts and 4-H (which never really ends when it comes to paperwork and behind the scenes work!) starting back up again. We’re already feeling The Busy and trying to keep going with the flow! Here are a few things I love this week.

My new fridge! My parents are moving and we’ve been visiting and trying to help when we can, but their fridge won’t fit in their new home. Ours has been leaking for years so it’s pretty exciting to get rid of it and have a new one.

Coffee with Indy. We bought these little waffle pastries to put on top of our cappuccinos and it was lovely.

Binge-watching The Defenders in a day. It’s been a long time since I’ve done something like that!

Sally perking up. She’s finally stopped sneezing and she’s gaining weight, yay!

Cutting responsibilities. I’m counting down the days (34!) until I’m finished with one obligation, then I’ll start the countdown for the next!

Pop rocks shenanigans.

Not Back to School Ice Cream Day. We had it at Coldstone Creamery again and the owner was just as hilarious and awesome as last time. Thank you, Karen!

Girls’ night with L and S! We went to Mellow Mushroom (YUM) and grocery shopping together, which prompted L to say that we’ve crossed a new friendship threshold. Ha!

What do you love this week?