Overachiever Syndrome

sage 040I was a child Hermione
Until I stopped pleasing people, and my world changed.

It’s time to stop circumcising boys
Is the pain on their faces during this procedure not enough evidence against it?

The worst argument against homeschooling
No, the greater good is not enough reason to waste 13 years of my child’s life.

Get. This. Judge. Fired.
No more rape apologists in our law enforcement.


Books to read, historical figures, social-emotional learning and more

Monday Medley: Time to ban spanking
Plus books to read, historical figures, social-emotional learning and more

How do you keep your cool?
It’s our job to stay calm in an emergency, and sometimes it takes everything we have.

Tasty Tuesday: Autumn Brittle
Plus banned foods, benefits of garlic, brain boosting smoothies and more

Think It Over Thurs: Bullies & Shootings
Does school violence keep you from public school?

Friday Fun: Short story contests, paletas & calming jars

Friday Fun: Short story contests, paletas & calming jars
Plus Toothless dragons, Well Done Stuff, cool planes and much more

Saturday Steals: Free food, makeup, movies & more
There are freebies galore in today’s deals.

September 8 is Grandparent’s Day
Got any plans? Here are a few ideas.

What’s Happening Wed: Victim blaming
Plus child punishment, citizen science and more

Self-Care for Moms and Dads

What’s Happening Wednesday: Nurturing Yourself
Plus sea turduken, homeschooling stats, time outs and much more

Water parks: Hit them while you can!
Summer’s near its end. Have you had enough water fun yet?

Friday Fun: Star Wars shelves
Plus science experiments, Ghost Nebula, graphic novels and Mars

Sat Steals: Free or $1 Homeschool Planners
Plus free nature studies, culinary passport program & more

Lots of Singles Resources & Writing Update

cahokia3This week I’m doing a lot of ghostwriting (peppers! Celiac disease! change management! and tons of other topics) that I cannot share with you, but I’m also doing a bunch of really fun dating site pieces. I wanted to invite you to come check out klaT’s dating websites, where you can chat with singles and find restaurants, parks, bars and lots of other places to meet singles in your area. I’ll be adding more resources regularly so be sure to check them out and leave reviews of any that you’ve visited. Feel free to post about singles resources in your area, too!

Just visit the klaT! main page and scroll down to the bottom. Beneath the Site Directory you’ll see a bunch of singles resources. Find the one closest to you and begin connecting! Obviously St. Louis has a place in my heart, so you may find my own personal stories there. 😉

This week, I’m also working on not one but two books, and I will have three more out this year total if I get finished! My latest book, Falling for Fall, is available at my alter-ego’s website to the right of your screen (remember, adults only).

Pray for a Strong-Willed Child

STOPWhat’s Happening: New links to autism
Plus Ashton Kutcher’s speech, a new mammal in the Americas and more

Pray for a strong-willed child
And be happy for the ones you’ve got.

Blogs to follow
Share your favorite unschooling and parenting blogs.

Friday Fun: Fall festivals are coming at you
Plus “I’m a Daddy and I Know It,” 12 principles for a happy life and much more.